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For those who have gas troubles They should boil one liter of water, till it reduces to around 750ml Drinking this water would relieve gas troubles For those who have pitta related problems. pitta – excessive heat characterized by rashes, boil, frequent temper hikes or excessive monthly menstruation or eyes pain frequently – any implications of unnatural amounts of heat in the body they should boil water until half of water is evaporated So, 1 Liter is reduced to 500ml. If you take 4L – it means net 2L of boiled water For Air Problems : reduce 3L to 2.25L Pitta stricken people should reduce 4L to 2L (50% reduction) Now if someone has cough, asthma, TB or someone is undergoing dialysis. Dialysis does not necessarily cure your kidneys – people even had to die doing dialysis – dialysis or replace kidneys all-together Do not fall for this trap Boil 1L of water until it reduces to 250ml, have the person drink this water There would be miraculous benefits. Boil water chanting Guru Geeta and Guru Mantra. Chant Guru Mantra and drink. Enough Immense Benefits would be reaped

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