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Hey champions
Ladies and gentlemen I am Faiyaz and you are watching my channel Faiyaz harron I have brought
you a vegetarian ketogenic diet meal plan check it for breakfast we will take black
coffee as its without sugar also we have taken fresh cream show all together its 300 calories
morning breakfast so let’s move to lunch in lunch we have taken spinach small bowl and
also 100 gram paneer called as cottage cheese overall 380 calories in snacks we have taken
Greek yoghurt and you can also take homemade yoghurt so it will also help you to survive
till dinner and our dinner is 250 grams of strawberry and 70 grams of paneer again cottages
all together its 350 calories so this was vegetarian ketogenic meal plan that will help
you to lose at least 3 to 5 kg possibly number 2 in my last ketogenic video diet many of
you have asked can we take any breakfast lunch and dinner combine it and continue one week
yes you can do it and you will get the same results 3 to 5 kg of weight loss number 3
many of you have had we can’t find broccoli lettuce in our local Store for them I would
like to say you don’t need broccoli lettuce to reach in ketosis and lose weight you can
eat easily available vegetables like Cauliflower and cabbage also spinach I have already shown
all this are low carbs and it will help you to reach ketosis in India we have good recipes
of cabbage and cauliflower also you can marinate best onion and capsicum and use coconut oil
or ghee and butter so all this you can make a good recipe and talking about cauliflower
you can boil it and make a Smash cauliflower adding butter or cheese into it at my home
cauliflower is highly eaten so there is nothing more to say about it If you are using tomato
or anything else to marinate with don’t worry just cut it out from the plate and that too
is ok just be careful the old used to make it has to be coconut oil or butter or olive
oil if you have any questions DM on Instagram @FaiyazHaroon also you can comment down below
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30 thoughts on “Vegetarian ketogenic diet

  1. Idk whats the purpose of this vid tbh? Could you explain? Bc you are letting us know how much calories but its a lot for the little amount you get and you wont even get enough nutricious etc from it :$

  2. Hello sir. Thanks for your videos. Please I request you to make videos on vegan or vegetarian diet for bodybuilding specially for gulf expats.

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