Taking Charge of Your Health

Hi, I’m Scott Davis from Little Rock
Arkansas. I’m a resident physician out there, but I wanted to just talk about
what’s been going on back home in Arkansas. So this legislative session we
actually had a scope of practice legislation introduced by the
optometrists, which was a defeat for us and for patient care. But you know, what
can we gather from this? What can we learn from this situation? So it’s really important, I think, to develop relationships long before this
type of legislation is introduced that session for the legislature. I think it’s
really important to get to know your local legislators and members in
local politics, as well as on a state level. Get involved with your state
ophthalmology society as well as your medical society. You know our
colleagues in our medical fields are very helpful too to kind of educate
legislators about what ophthalmologists do and how what we do is a
little bit different than what optometrists do. But really at the end of
the day we do have to remember that we’re all optometrists and
ophthalmologists fighting for our patients and caring for our patients. We
want the best for them.

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