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Hey, guys, Dr. Axe here. Welcome to Maximize
Your Health. Today I’m going to be talking about building a vision for your life and
this is… a lot of times on the show, I talk about nutritional things to do, things to
do in terms of fitness, supplements to take. But today really, this is maybe the most important
aspect of being healthy. And remember, the definition of health isn’t
necessarily looking good from the outside or having muscle or being thin. It’s really
having health in wholeness body, mind, and spirit. And so what I want to talk about today
is building a vision board. And I’ll tell you of all the things that I’ve ever done
in my life that have really helped me whether it was to be successful or be happy or accomplish
certain fitness goals, nothing was more vitally important than creating a vision board. What a vision board is, it’s taking the visions
and the dreams you have for your life and putting them on paper and then putting them
on a board. And so you can see here, I have a pretty big vision board here and what I’ve
done is I’ve taken my goals, I’ve written down a strategy of how to get there, and then
I took pictures of all of these things and put them up on a board. I want to walk you through how to do this
yourself. And again, this isn’t one some sort of silly exercise or something like, “Hey,
that’s just a funny thing to do or only for people who are into arts and crafts.” I’m
not the arts and crafts type of person, okay? I can hardly draw a stick figure. So again, this is something that’s easy to
do, it’s fun to do, but it will help you achieve your goals. And really dreaming and having
a vision, that’s a big part of what life is all about, finding your purpose. And so when
it comes to building your vision board, the first thing you want to do is you want to
sit down and start writing out what is it you want to do with your life, what is your
purpose, why are you here. And what I did is I’ve broken my life down
into five categories. I have spiritual, physical, professional, relational, and then recreational
goals even and then we have all these things up here. And so now first thing… so what
I do is I break those areas down into five categories and I write down what do I want
to accomplish, what I want to do in my life over the next year, five, ten years in this
area. So like spiritual goals here, I have different
things I like, I want to make sure I join a men’s group. So I’m in a men’s bible study,
I do that. I want to spend one hour with God every morning. I want to make sure I’m tithing.
Those are all things I put down. Those are some of my spiritual goals I have down here
at number one. So whatever it is for you, write down your spiritual goals. Step number two, what are your physical goals.
I have an accomplishment, I want to do a half Ironman this year, triathlon. For you, maybe
it’s doing your first 5k, maybe it’s losing 20 pounds. And then I wrote down a certain
body fat and weight, what I want on there. So get very specific, what are your health
goals. Write those down. Step number three here is professional and
financial. What are your professional financial goals? I know a few years ago for myself,
it was getting debt-free. And so you’ll see up here professional. In the past, it would
have been get debt-free and then make a certain amount of money, professionally write a book.
I wrote the Real Food Diet book. We have all these different things. Whatever your goal is, your biggest financial
professional goals, write those down. And remember what Jim Collin says in his book
Good to Great, when you write down goals, they should be BHAGs, big hairy audacious
goals. It means, don’t write down, “Oh I want to get by doing this.” Whatever your dreams
are, sky is the limit. Go for them. Now you do want to be realistic, okay. But again,
you want to push yourself when it comes to writing down those goals. Step number four, relational. I put down things
here like, “I want to have really deep relationships with other health leaders.” I put down things
like, “I want a relational, have incredible experiences with friends and go on mission
trips together.” Those are things that I love doing. So write down some of your relational goals.
And another thing I wrote down relationally is, there is a certain amount of people I
want to be connecting with. Number five, last thing here, are personal
recreational goals. So recreational, I put things like go on road trips and mission trips
around the world, own a lake house eventually one day. Do outdoor events with friends like
cycling and trail running. So I have those. These are just some of my recreational goals
and you may have places to visit or places to travel to. So maybe it’s a mission trip
to Israel or maybe it’s going to the beach at Destin. I don’t know what it is for you.
There are some ideas. So step number one when it comes to making your vision board, write
down your goals in these five areas. Second thing you want to do then, once you
have your goal down, you want to write down what is your strategy for getting there because
its easy for us to say, “Hey, I want to lose 20 pounds.” Well, how are you going to lose
20 pounds? You’re not just going to keep sitting around doing the same thing you’ve always
been doing and lose 20 pounds. And so then, you break it down and say spiritually,
“Okay. Well, how am I going to do an hour every morning with God?” “Well, from 6 to
7 in the morning every morning, that’s my time with God.” So you write that down. Physically, “Okay. How am I going to do this
half Ironman? I’m not going to sit on the couch all day long and do half Ironman. I’m
going to bike, swim, and run three times a week.” I schedule it. You put that down here.
And then you so on and go on through these different things. Relationally, I put down stay connected to
my men’s group and so I make sure there’s three to five guys that I’m always staying
connected with. I’m doing a call with once a week. I’m working on developing and building
those relationships. So again, write down your strategy to get there. Once you have your goals, then once you have
your strategy, you want to find pictures that reminds you of these things. And so just to
show you a few of mine here, I have here this book I read at one point. It’s called Sun
Stand Still. It’s all about really having faith and this was spiritual and taking steps
out there like God was working on my behalf, having favor with him, doing that. I have
down here, I want to eventually want to be on 300 radio stations, our radio show is actually
now being syndicated across the country. And so I put that down as one of my goals,
is we want to be on 300 radio stations around the country. That’s one of my goals. We’ve
got good old Dave here doing his radio show and he’s done it, getting debt-free, being
financially wise. That’s why I put his picture up there. I put other things up here. I put up Martin
Luther King, Jr. I put his picture up because I want to aspire to help set people free.
So I put that up there as a reminder. And then I have other things. I have going to
the Olympics next year. I want to swim, bike. I want to do green drinks for breakfast, so
I put some green vegetable juice up there. And then traveling places. I want to go to
Israel. Eventually, I want to go to New Zealand. But again, think big. Whatever your heart
desires, whatever your dreams are, put those on your vision board. And then I also put
some relational things from the past, some close friends we went to Destin with there.
Some of my family members we did a race together. But again put all of your biggest goals in
life on the vision board. And then here’s what I do. Every single morning
and every night before I go to bed, right when I pop up in the morning, what I’ll do
is I’ll come over and look at my vision board, I just remember, “Hey, you know what, life
is exciting. This is why I’m getting up in the morning.” I have actually found this is
the number one way to beat depression. A lot of times we get depressed or tired because
we forget what we’re doing and some of the great things we have going on in life. And so the great thing with the vision board
is you’ve got this here, you wake up and then you’re like, “Man, life is great.” I get to
achieve and go after and do many of these things. And it also just keeps you on the
right track. It’s a good thing to build in your subconscious as well. Before you go to
bed, take a look at your vision board. And I challenge everyone to do this. Again,
I’ll tell you the way that I did this. I took about half an hour, wrote down my goals, took
another 30 minutes, wrote down a very, very basic strategy. And then I took another hour
or two and just get on Google images and I got basically all these pictures I just searched.
I looked up green drink on Google and then I just printed them out. I went and bought
a corkboard here. You can buy them at Walmart, Target, Staples, any of those places and then
I got tacks and I just tack this up. But again, have a big vision for your life. Create a
vision board. I guarantee you, it will help you achieve your health goals. This is another episode of Maximize Your Health.
This is Dr. Axe, thanks for watching.

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  1. Having health and wholeness is important for the body, mind, and spirit. A vision board can help you with just that!
    –> Vision Board
    #inspiration #healthyliving  

  2. Wow, what a great video. Not only are you a interesting nutrition Doctor you sound like you'd be a great guy to know and hang with. So good to see your love of the Lord, that alone brings health to our bodies  Thnxs Doc.

  3. I just shared this video with a former student applying for a scholarship.  While I'm a non-believer, your thoughts on religion were excellent.  Spirituality is very transformative in carrying out one's vision board.  Do what you can to the fullest, and the rest will be handled by the universe.

  4. Hello, Dr Axe!!
    I created and put up my own vision board yesterday!! I loved this video! I discovered your channel this morning and have watched at least 6 videos. Thank you for sharing and teaching!!
    I subscribed and will be watching and recommending more of your videos.

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