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45 thoughts on “Vlog#1: St. George’s University Medical School/Grenada Tour

  1. You know, I was actually wanting to go there for Veterinary Medicine. But then I realized that the career path was pretty expensive so. I changed my mind. But it looked like a gorgeous place.

  2. Aww your back Maame. Even though I'm not on IG, I miss your page. Everytime I come on here, no new video but I understand your in medical school, I hope all is well. Study hard. Keep Hod first. Your going to make it. Thank you for sharing this video. Stay blessed and take care ?✨

  3. All the best girl. my friend just started her residency in Chicago. she went to the Med school in Anguilla. always put God first. with Him, all things are possible.

  4. Grenada is my home❤ I miss it soooooooo much. i moved to NY 4 years ago to be with my mom and of course further my studies after graduating from the local college. I'm glad u like it. I wish u the best of luck in your studies. ??

  5. Hi Maame, congrats.. I sent you a message on fb.. Do you think you can do a video explaining the new curriculum and show the books they gave you on registration or you can just send me a message.. please.. I really appreciate it.

  6. Hey dear! I am a term 5 student there and I have loved my time at SGU. You are going to do amazing. If you want to meet up or if you have any questions feel free to email me! God bless! <3

  7. No offense you feel you will face discrimination against those who graduated from US Schools? I've heard horror stories about Caribbean Schools

  8. Wow… we study medicine in bullshit place with nothing … and ur studying in heaven… this is why iran is a third world country… god why was i born here?

  9. hiii…….nice video ………i'm probably going to st georges university this august. Are there disadvantages……..

  10. Hey I know you are probably busy but can you do a video on how you maintained your hair while at SGU. And any updates on your experience there.

  11. Hi Maame! I am considering applying to SGU. What are some thing you wish you knew before starting school at SGU?

  12. I would be attending SGUSOM, so excited! I have been assigned housing and it says who my roommates are but I don't know how to contact them?

  13. hey please help me, I'm from Nepal. I don't know which program to apply for or any extra info would be great! my e-mail: [email protected] I just want any info, tips, acceptance issues and anything you know

  14. Keep inspiring others ! I was rejected once and finally got in (first year now)  by entering a non-traditional masters program . Quite refreshing to connect with other Med School vloggers! Best of luck to you in school & I look forward to viewing more of your journey !

  15. Hi Maame what a great video of our school!  It was quite different when I was there – class of – '98.  Hope all is going well in your studies and blessing for your future.  Eric.

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