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25 thoughts on “Voice CRACKS and Singing | Voice change and PUBERTY | #DrDan 🎤

  1. I was recently diagnosed by an ENT with Dysphonia and he didn't give me any advice with what I should do. I've tried relaxing techniques. I'm an Actor, and need my voice. Will this be a forever problem? I've had Hoarseness for 5 months. There's no nodes, or cysts, just redness in the voice box. I'm on PredniSONE but it's hasn't done anything to improve my voice. I'm able to vocalize most notes except deep notes. I also cannot vocal fry anymore. It's very easy to hit high notes like Falsetto. I need some help and advice. my voice feels hoarse everyday with no improvement.

  2. Thank you for this! Any recommendations for material (specifically musical theatre) with a smaller range so the student can have something they can perform without feeling discouraged?

  3. Thank goodness after watching this video I now know that I am not loosing my voice. No wonder today I would sound good later I would sound better some days after I would sound worse and later better and this has just been going on when I turned 16. Now I am 18 years my voice naturally is not really that deep I know boys that are younger than me and their voices are deeper than mine. I hope after this phase of my life my voice will be back to normal and I will be able to hit high notes like before.

  4. Thanks for the video suggestion, it cleared up alot for me, and has taught me how to use my voice better. One thing I will ask is that I have a very good falsetto, so will I lose some range on this as I grow? I'm 15 btw. Also I subscribed 👍🏼.

  5. I've been singing in the range of brendon urie and extremely high that is. I think my larynx is settling high because of this constant high singing. Should I aimm for just singing a baritone style till later? like Sinatra? Also, do you have any suggestions on videos to watch about singing tamber/ tone?

  6. I need to tell something to people who watch Dr. Dan's vids and tutorials. You gotta watch the video till the end of it. Some people watch till the half or less of it. I guarantee you will get answers you need with watch all minutes if video. And tnx Dr. Dan for guides.

  7. I'm 16 and my voice feels discomfort and is horse since last month and it feels strain .it is a symbol of voice change

  8. I do different type of vocals from extremely high like Brandon Urie to screaming low like Chester Bennington I usually don't have trouble with this (I'm 14 btw) but I've had a lot more voice cracks in my voice when I do high notes recently idk if its because I'm still growing up or if I'm doing something bad or both idk.. If u have an answer for this it would be very helpful😆

  9. I used to sing all the time and fairly high but ever since I turned 13 I could no longer sing high at all. I'm now 16 and still can't ing higher than like a middle c and I've lost my falsetto. Help! Will it come back?

  10. Dr. Dan I'm already 19 years old and I noticed my voice really change and increasing my vocal range unlike my 12 – 16 where I'm always straining and get hoarse after singing because I really like singing high notes. During my 15 -16 my vocal range is from D2 to F4 in chest voice but when I reach my 19… I can hit higher than C3 to D4 in my chest voice and from Eb4 up to Bb4 till D5 using my mix voice and also my head voice get..improve from B4 – Eb6 and I can even do a whistle note from E6 -C7

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