Taking Charge of Your Health

Water of birdseed and cinnamon, a remedy to
clean the arteries. It is very important that we acquire birdseed
apt for human consumption, since not all are and do not have the same properties. Also,
to clean the arteries we must take care of our diet. The foods that we consume today can become
harmful to our health. Excessive intake of certain substances causes the arteries to
be affected in unimaginable ways. It is really necessary that people learn about
these habits and about how to avoid clogging arteries. One of the best remedies to treat this problem
is consuming water of birdseed and cinnamon. In this video we will show you why it is useful
to clean arteries. What are the arteries? The arteries are the vessels responsible for
transporting blood through the human body . Among the dangerous consequences of its
obstruction is the little pumping of blood to the heart. It is essential to prevent this
from happening, since the consequences can be fatal. The symptoms of blockage of arteries can be
really annoying and worrisome in certain cases. Among the most common we find: Malestares;
Respiratory problems; Dizziness;
Fluid retention; Fatigue; What causes the blockage of arteries? Among the most obvious factors are high levels
of cholesterol, hypertension, diabetes and stress . The obesity and smoking can also
help the spread of this problem. The inflammation of arteries, likewise, is
caused by the excessive consumption of certain substances. Among them are alcoholic beverages,
fatty foods and sugars, which cause an excess of calorie consumption. On the other hand, some foods that are consumed
daily also contribute to the arteries becoming inflamed. It is the case of the following: meats;
Eggs; Dairy products;
Trans fat; Also, it is important to mention that the
balanced consumption of these foods will not directly affect the arteries. What are the ways to avoid clogging arteries? Obviously, the first step to improve the health
of the arteries is to eliminate harmful foods from the daily diet. All that substance with high levels of preservatives
is also included in this requirement. As a substitution, the consumption of healthy fatty
foods can become an excellent alternative. Regular exercise and visits to the doctor
are also essential in the fight against clogged arteries. Any habit whose function is to improve
health will count as a benefit for the circulatory state of the body. On the other hand, certain natural substances
produce an improvement of arterial health. Pomegranates, oats and milkshakes with their
various nutrients help the good functional development of the arteries. The infusions are also adequate to avoid obstruction
of these vessels and reduce the risk of inflammation. Canary seed and cinnamon water. Canary seed is a food known for its healing
properties. Among its benefits is the maintenance of blood vessels, arteries, liver and kidneys
in good condition. On the other hand, cinnamon , far from the
idea that it only provides a good flavor, also has many properties. It contributes to
the reduction of cholesterol and blood sugar, so the arteries are benefited in the process. The union of both substances in an infusion
is a useful tool to ensure good arterial health. It should be noted that birdseed water alone
has an unpleasant taste. However, the touch of cinnamon makes this infusion acquires a
much more acceptable flavor to be ingested. Ingredients. ½ tablespoon of canary seed (7 gram);
1 glass of water (200 ml); ½ cinnamon stick; What should you do? First, we will boil the water. When it reaches a boil, add the seeds of birdseed,
and let infuse for 5 minutes. Then add the cinnamon and let it boil for
10 minutes. After the indicated time, we will remove the
infusion from the fire and let it rest. The drink should be ingested once it has settled
and is at room temperature. It is advisable to repeat this process at least three times
a week . Caring for the arteries is essential to enjoy
good general health and prevent major problems. The preservation of the circulatory system
, which is so essential for the human body, should be a primary issue in health areas. The remedy of canary seed and cinnamon, in
addition to being easy to make, is an effective way to preserve the arteries.

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