Taking Charge of Your Health

just like the body needs exercise to
stay fit so does the brain it could be really frustrating when you cannot find your keys or not sure where you’re headed two or several such things to stimulate your brain try doing a lot of crossword or jigsaw puzzles or just try to remember a few simple lines a day otherwise you can try a few other home remedies take about five almonds soak them
overnight and in the morning peel them off and have them alternatively you can also make a paste of the almonds you soaked overnight like this and keep them a side now in a pan boil a glass of milk once you’ve added the milk add the almond paste to it and also add some sugar to taste once these boys have it every day in the morning besides almonds walnuts are also
beneficial for helping with memory loss so have about two walnuts a day or like almonds you can soak them overnight and have it in the morning grind some onion seeds and in a cup take about half a teaspoon of this onion seed powder add a little bit of honey to it mix this well and have it every day for about two months take a few walnuts and break it in halve them like this add a little bit of clarified butter or
ghee and to this add the walnuts and just lightly fry the walnuts now grind the walnuts and butter and also add some sugar candy or mishri to it now grind them well once its ground you can have this daily in a bowl take about a teaspoon of honey and to this add a generous pinch of cinnamon or dalchini powder mix this well and have this as a nightly ritual a weak memory can prove to be not only annoying but embarrassing at times so remember to follow all these tips and improve your memory if you like this video remember to like it and leave a comment letting me know what you think and make sure to watch
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