Taking Charge of Your Health

– To you about having some
compelling reason to lose weight, because that’s the best thing
that’s going to motivate you and it’s gonna keep you on track. One of those reasons could be a wedding, so you may be getting married and you want to lose some
weight, so that’s a good one. You might be mother or
father-of-the-bride, and if you feel you want to look pretty good
in those wedding photos, that’s another good
reason for losing weight. Now, not so long ago, I
also had a lady who needed to lose some weight before
her surgeon would operate and give her a hip replacement. Well, she could hardly walk,
she was in so much pain. And what he did was tell her,
“You’ve got to lose 25 kilos.” She actually lost those
kilos after a few months, and then what she was able to do was lose the weight and
go on a fabulous holiday, and she was able to do
some really good walking. So, it is a really good thing. Now, some people say, “I’ve got so much clothes in my cupboard,
and you know what I think, if I can lose some weight
I just can lose those- can wear those clothes.” So it’s a bit like shopping
in your own wardrobe. And that’s another really good reason. You might not have such
a really good reason, but look for ones, see what
is going to motivate you. Is it, even… playing with your children, or your grandchildren? And then it could also be something like just having a dress that you
really, really want to wear. Hang it up and look at it
everyday, that could also be something that could
motivate you to lose weight. So at the bottom of this video, write what you feel is going to motivate you and keep you on track if
you need to lose weight. Tomorrow I’ll have another tip for you.

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