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jbjbA]A] Hi I m Steven McCann. I m a chiropractor
in Sydney. I m 39 years of age 14 months ago I got diagnosed with Type I Diabetes, otherwise
known as juvenile diabetes. Three months after I was diagnosed I saw Vivienne Weinstock,
Homeopath and she did an examination history on my case and found that I was deficient
in vitamins and minerals. She mentioned that I needed to go on a homeopathic remedy and
supplements. I started doing that and thought it was the supplements that were working.
But I found out that when I stopped using the remedy, the supplements had less effect
on my insulin levels, therefore I needed to increase my dosage of insulin. After about
seven months I was off insulin altogether. Vivienne still monitors me along the way to
implement any dietary, any health changes. I m still taking the remedy four times a day.
Without that I need more insulin. At 13-month mark, which is now, I m soon to go to the
specialist to get the final reading which may conclude that my Diabetes Type I has been
reversed. All the way along I have kept blood glucose monitor levels, checking them 8 times
a day. Currently I check them 4 times a day and we re seeing ongoing improvements. Hi
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9 thoughts on “Weinstock Homeopathy – Testimonial – Insulin Dependant Diabetes (Type 1) Reversed?

  1. Yes. That the information I looking for. Thanks Dr.
    Diabetes, insulin dependent, also known as type 1 diabetes, is a condition where the beta cells in the pancreas do not release insulin. This is called an absolute insulin deficiency.
    Follow @ NaturalHealthTest(dot)com, for more info.
    Dr. James Meschino

  2. Hi Orel, Why don't you try to convince Steve and my other patients with Type 1 that their non insulin requiring status cannot be true because you said so? Please look at the facts and then help people to find a pathway to a healthier life.

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