Taking Charge of Your Health

We know that healthcare is a constantly changing field. At Philadelphia College of Osteopathic Medicine, we have a rich history of 115 years of taking care of patients. This is very easy. It was a very easy choice to choose PCOM. I would recommend people to anybody. I knew PCOM was a unique fit for me in being able to train me to be the best health psychologist I could be. Being able to schedule my week or my month so that I can accomplish everything is very important and flexibility here allows that. We have a supportive environment here and value interprofessional education. I’ve always had a passion for biology as well as psychology and at PCOM I’ve been able to pursue school psychology in a hospital setting. PCOM is one of the only schools on the East Coast that offers a masters in forensic medicine. For physician assistant studies you’re able to interact with patients very quickly within a year so we can really learn hands on. PCOM’s mental health program prepares you to enter straight into the working field or further your education in pursuit of the Phd. Being able being able to interact with students from all different disciplines has been really beneficial to make connections and really feel that community that PCOM is interested in building. At Philadelphia College of Osteopathic Medicine, we are creating the leaders for tomorrow’s healthcare today.

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