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– In this video I want to walk you through what you can be doing at home to deal with your low back pain. Hey I’m Dr. Ryan Carlson, I’m the owner of Deep Roots Health Center here in Bentonville, Arkansas. We’re a neurologically-based
chiropractic clinic and I’m excited to show you
some solutions to low back pain right here in this video. So one of the biggest things you can do in order to mitigate the
effects of low back pain or even hopefully prevent yourself from getting low back pain in the future is really working on the
different muscles of that region. But it’s not just strengthening
those low back muscles. You know, of course, that’s important, you have to strengthen
those low back muscles in order to make sure that you’re going to prevent issues in that region. But what’s even more important or at least equally important is strengthening those core muscles, so the muscles on the front
part of your low back, because, of course, if you
only strengthen one side the other side is going to be weak and that’s not going to be good. So you have to actually
strengthen your core muscles, which is on the front, in order to help out with your low back. I know it seems counter intuitive but it’s really, really important. So some simple core exercises and I know everybody hates to do these, but let’s be honest, sit-ups are one of the most effective core
exercises that you can do, crunches, coming up and actually contracting those muscles of the core. It can be really, really powerful. Make it fun, do it at
night before you go to bed. Make it a goal to do so
many every single day and you won’t lay your head
down until you do them. That can be kind of a
fun way to go around it. And another one that you can do is planks. So, I’m not gonna demonstrate this for you because most of you know what a plank is and if you don’t you can
certainly look it up online. You’ll find all sorts or videos
showing you how to do it. But this is where you
get down on all fours, so you’re on your elbows
and you’re also on your toes and you’re maintaining a straight
line from your whole body which tightens up that core area and it contracts those muscles which allows your low back to
function at it’s absolute best and it’s going to prevent problems. Hey, if you’re already beyond the point where you think exercises or strengthening the core is
gonna help out your low back, that’s really where I can come in. Again, my name is Dr. Ryan Carlson. I’m the owner of Deep Roots Health Center and right below this video there’s actually a button you can click on and that’ll take you to a separate page where you can input some information and we’ll get in contact with you about setting up an appointment for you. The initial appointment in
our office is super easy. We make it only $40
for that special offer, where it’s an initial
consultation, an exam, any necessary X-rays or
other testing we need to do, essentially everything to find out why you’re dealing with that low back pain in the first place. So take advantage of it. Click that button below. Start that conversation
and $40 later we may be on the right road as far as getting your low back pain taken care of. (upbeat music)

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