Taking Charge of Your Health

– Hi, I’m doctor Jami West with West Functional Chiropractic. What kind of salt do you use? When I grew up we used
the Morton’s iodized salt you know it had the little blue canister and it had the girl carrying the umbrella with the yellow rain coat. Well, as I got older
and way more educated, I started learning about the
health effects of that salt and when they talk about the salt causing high blood pressure issues. So I started thinking, well
our bodies produce salt. What would be a good kind of salt? So that’s when I started
looking into Celtic sea salt and the Himalayan salt and that’s exactly what we’re gonna talk about today. This is the Himalayan salt. So it’s also known as the pink salt. What’s the difference? Well the Himalayan salt,
it has crystals in it or you can buy it already ground. So it’s a good clean salt
and the cool thing is, you know those lamps that
they have in massage rooms and in spas, well that’s actually what the Himalayan salt is. So they take one of those
lamps or one of the rocks and they grind it down. So the lamps are really
good for purifying the air they’re good for providing good energy. They’re good for helping respiration. We went on a cruise to Bermuda a couple of years ago for a wedding and there was actually
a Himalayan salt room and it was awesome. So it helped improve breathing. So why would we get back to the salt. What are the benefits of that
salt versus the other salt and does that affect your blood pressure. So when we talk about the Himalayan salt it has natural minerals in it, so it has things like magnesium, potassium sodium, things that our bodies need. But they’re also natural electrolytes so they help keep us
from getting dehydrated. And one tip that I give patients a lot is to take a pinch of Himalayan salt and put it in your bottle of water and drink it throughout the day so it gives you those minerals. It’s not gonna mess with
your blood pressure at all. So don’t be afraid of that kind of salt. You can also get it really finely ground. You’ll find that you don’t need as much. It doesn’t have that fake
kind of bleachy salt taste and it’s great for your body. So get some Himalayan salt, you can find it at the grocery store. Don’t be afraid to use
it if you’re outside on a hot sweaty day, put a
pinch of it in your water and you’ll find that it
will hydrate you better. You won’t feel like you need to grab the coconut water or the
Gatorade, things like that. So, Himalayan salt, good for your health won’t affect your blood pressure. It’s the same kind of rock that you see but start using it, you’ll
see a ton of benefits from it. (upbeat music)

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