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– Dr. Kris Arnold here from
Live Well Chiropractic. While we know and understand, that the structure of your spine, and alignment of your spine, has a lot to do with
headaches and neck issues. We also find that nutrition, and what your body’s lacking, can also be a major role and major factor that most people miss. I’m gonna share with you two nutrients, that we use on a regular basis, that really makes a huge difference in our patients health and lives, and also their symptoms, as far as neck pain and also headaches. The first one I’ll share with you is actually called Magnesium. A lot of people have heard of Magnesium, a lot of people don’t
understand what it does. Calcium, Magnesium, they should be in a certain balance in your body. Calcium causes muscles to contract. Magnesium causes them to relax. We also know research shows that about 80% of the population is
deficient in Magnesium, and can cause a muscle to contract, but then if not enough Magnesium is there, to also not relax. So that’ll cause a lot of
muscle stress and strain. So simply take a little bit of Magnesium, we found that to be very successful, as far as light muscle cramps, as far as even neck pain, neck tension, and absolutely all of our headache cases, get that some Magnesium actually
makes a huge difference. People get a relief right away. The other one that’s
probably not as obvious, and also helps out with
our headache cases, is a product called A-F Betafood. A-F Betafood is simply a
product that actually helps your gallbladder actually work better. What we found is the gallbladder, which sits on the left side of, underneath the rib cage, will cause a lot of muscle
tension up in your neck, shoulders, and actually lead to a lot of headaches, because it causes tension way up here. So what we found in certain cases, that we find there’s a gallbladder issue, we actually recommend this A-F Betafood, that actually helps clean
that gallbladder out, so it can actually function much better. What’s in A-F Betafood? Here’s the secret is, it’s actually, most of it, is actually the greens off of beets. Greens off of beets actually make your gallbladder function, actually cleanse itself much quicker, much faster, reducing a lot of tension. We also use this a lot
for sleeping issues, people usually sleep much better, when their gallbladder’s working, and also obviously they
don’t have the tension. So again, if you have headaches, especially muscle tension, try a little bit of magnesium, and actually a little bit of A-F Betafood, and again, we can kind of, if you come to our office, we can actually figure out
which one of these products, will probably benefit you the most, and actually get you the
relief that you need. (relaxing acoustic music)

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