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– Hi there, Dr. Ashly Ochsner
with Health From Within. Wanted to talk to you guys today about back pain and pregnancy, one of the most common
issues that expectant mothers do deal with is back pain,
especially lower back pain. So I want to kind of talk
through how we safely and effectively address that in the chiropractic setting today, we’ve got our wonderful model Theresa, who’s going to help me show
you guys how that works today. So to start with, one of the things I wanted to feature and point out is we have some pretty amazing pillows that our expectant moms
always try to steal and take home with them, and these are our pregnancy pillows. As you can see they have
a cut-out in the middle so that when the mother
has to go on her stomach for any part of the evaluation, she can comfortably do so for
that short amount of time, perfectly safely, comfortably, really helps us with the evaluation as you’re going to see. I also have our table which can also change in how it is positioned. We can maneuver this table
into different positions to allow for baby to be
right here uncompressed and very, very safely taken care of while we take care of the mother. So just a couple things
I wanted to let you know that we’ve got you covered, when we talk about equipment
and approach and technique. So what I’m going to do is actually have Theresa lay on her stomach here. We’re gonna go face
down for her evaluation and check up and adjustment. What we do then is as you
can tell she’s up in the air a little more because of the pillow so we raise the head piece up, she’s comfortably on her stomach. Now the analysis we do
for a pregnant woman is a little bit different
than what we would do if you you weren’t expecting. There’s some changes that
happen in the hormones into the hip joints especially, something called relaxin is really high so those hip joints are very mobile and that can cause kind
of an unstable situation. So we want to make certain
that we assess the SI joints, sacrum, lumbar spine and pelvis, so that the baby can
have the optimal position for birth when that magical day comes. So what we’ll do first here is something that’s just called a leg check. So we’re going to come around, we’re going to bend the knees up like so and as I kinda pump the legs a few times, that resets that lower back and pelvis. Bring it back down and I want
to see if anything’s off. She has this left side that’s
actually contracted up, showing up shorter. We’ll be addressing that momentarily. I’m going to palpate to see
where there’s any issues. She’s got this hip subluxated
as well as this one, this one here. Is it tender on the left?
– Yes. – How about the right?
– Worse. – Worse, so in her case, she’s
got kind of a two fold issue. So we’re going to do a drop
adjustment on her left hip. This table’s going to jump up. I’m gonna contact here, it’s going to come down,
just like so, handle that. Also get the sacrum and
then her other side here we’re going to do that one while she’s laying on her side momentarily. Not to ignore the rest of the spine, the expectant mom who
never has stress right. No stress whatsoever can
definitely manifest up here. So she’s definitely got some couple of rib heads and
thoracic subluxations we’ll set beautiful. One more time here, good,
that worked perfect. All right, let’s go ahead and come up, we’re gonna lay on your left side. (gentle music) So when we’re adjusting side posture, it’s very critical with
an expectant mother that we’re super specific,
very gentle in this approach. So what you’re going to notice here is we’ve got her leg up but not completely cranked up, so there’s plenty of room for baby. We’re going to roll to the side, I’m just going to contact
that hip right here in that lower back and
just add a little pressure. One more, there we go, just like that. Go ahead and lay on your back, perfect. So that my friends, is how we do an adjustment
of the expectant mother. A couple things I’ll mention too, sometimes when we do meet expectant moms, the baby’s already in kind
of an abnormal position, they’ve got a mal position,
whether they’re breach or transverse, there are some
techniques we have for that from a soft tissue perspective and the adjustment with what
we call a Webster analysis. So if you know anybody
who’s having some issues with where the baby’s positioned, we can address that as well. But specific to this video, back pain, this adjustment for
expectant moms does wonders. So I encourage you if you are expecting and you have back pain,
or know someone who is, do fill out the information,
we’ll get ahold of you or you can call us. Come on in for that evaluation, and we’ll see if an adjustment
is right for you, thanks. (relaxing beat) (upbeat music)

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