Taking Charge of Your Health

There’s certainly a lot of overlap in
terms of the patients or the problems we would see but certainly some differences.
A podiatrist would complete undergraduate and then do four years of
podiatry school training, or education excuse me, and then a three-year
residency and then potentially a fellowship after that versus an
orthopedic foot and ankle surgeon would go to allopathic or osteopathic school
after undergrad and then complete a orthopedic residency program and then
further go on to a fellowship in foot and ankle surgery. So certainly in terms
of there are some things that we see similarly and certainly things we see
differently. As podiatrists here, we might see a little bit more of the ingrown
toenails and the infections or some of those issues, but there certainly is a
lot of overlap in terms of what we do. Here at Ohio State, we try to work, or we
don’t try, we do work collaboratively with our foot and ankle division to ensure that we’re just trying to
essentially to take care of all foot and ankle patients and problems and then
we’ll stratify and get them to the best provider for what condition they have
that needs to be treated.

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