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Jordan: You’ve probably heard of probiotics,
those little bugs in your gut that help you stay healthy. But have you heard of prebiotics? In fact, prebiotics maybe the missing link
to your gut health. I’m Jordan Rubin here for Ancient Medicine
Today, brought to you by where we teach you how to make food your medicine. Today we’re going to talk about prebiotics,
benefits and sources and how you can make sure to consume super foods rich in these
indigestible fibers each and every day. Let’s get started. Prebiotics, what are they? Typically, and I say typically because there
are some exceptions, they’re non-digestible fiber compounds. Oligosaccharides is an example of a prebiotic. They are non-digestible by your small intestine
in your stomach but your colon, more preferentially, your bacteria can ferment these and multiply. That’s why they are prebiotics. Feed and increase probiotics and your body
can’t fully break them down. They’re fermented in the colon and other prebiotics
are known as fructans and galactans. Prebiotics, in short, fuel your beneficial
bacteria.  But here’s the big news, why should you use
prebiotics? Why should you care about them and what will
they do for you? Number one, you will derive better gut health
when you consume prebiotics. Some prebiotics increase your probiotic bacteria,
your beneficial microbes by a factor of two, four, six, or eight. Very, very important to be aware of this. Some foods may not be as high in vitamins
and minerals or even essential fats but they contain prebiotics which make your gut healthier. Also, you’re going to have an improvement
in your immune system and even be protected from cancer. Certain colon cancers are shown to be lower
in those that consume higher amounts of prebiotics.  Cardiovascular health. Indigestible fiber or prebiotics can help
your heart. This helps with balancing your cholesterol,
your triglycerides, and even your blood sugar. Prebiotics help with weight loss. Not only do they grow your probiotics but
they help you feel more full. So if you consume a diet rich in prebiotic
foods, you can expect to be leaner and you’re going to find out in the future that the balance
of your gut, your microbiome can play a big role in winning the “battle of the bulge,”
as they call it. Stronger bones, yes prebiotics help increase
probiotics which help you break down nutrients including calcium, vitamin K, strontium, boron,
magnesium, vitamin D, other nutrients that help you build bones. More prebiotics equals stronger bones. So particularly postmenopausal women, teenagers,
athletes, you all need stronger bones. We all do. Prebiotics can help you get there.  And a better mood. We know that the gut is the second brain. The more beneficial microbes you have in your
gut, the more your brain is happy. Prebiotics can boost your mood. What’s so interesting is the over 25% of adults
that are on some kind of antidepressant or antianxiety medication, that’s in America,
they could benefit from consuming prebiotic food. So how do you get prebiotics in your diet? Long list, but here it is. Acacia gum. This is a fiber from a tree. You can find it in health food stores. You can find it organically. Don’t go eating tree bark, but acacia gum
contains soluble fiber which is known as a prebiotic. Raw chicory root. Chicory contains FOS or fructooligosaccharides. Those are indigestible carbohydrates that
help grow your beneficial microbes, a primary prebiotic. Jerusalem artichoke, another source of what
you would call FOS. Another name for Jerusalem artichoke is sunchoke,
dandelion greens, garlic, and leeks. These contain fructooligosaccharides prebiotics. Then you’ve got onions, jicama, asparagus,
and here’s an interesting one, under-ripe bananas. Under-ripe bananas and plantains contain enzymes
and prebiotics.  Also one that didn’t make the list but you
should be aware of, tiger nuts. Tiger nuts, also known as ground almonds or
hedgehog, tubers, lot of different names. Tiger nuts are an excellent source of resistant
starch or prebiotic fiber. So get prebiotics in your diet. If you look at this list, you’re also going
to find that they contain many other benefits, certainly garlic is antifungal, antibacterial. They’re sources of fiber. They help your blood sugar, they help your
gut, they help your heart. Really, really meaningful results when you
consume prebiotics. Dandelion greens and asparagus are both great
for either your kidneys or your liver. So you’re getting a myriad of benefits from
consuming these prebiotic foods. I’m Jordan Rubin and we’re talking about prebiotics. So we talked about prebiotics being good for
your gut. We talked about prebiotics being good for
your immune system, even preventing cancers such as colon cancer. Prebiotics can be great for your heart, cardiovascular
function. Prebiotics can even help you build strong
bones and prebiotics are very good for your brain. So here’s what I want you to do. if you’re somebody who wants improvements
in those areas, check out these following foods. Make sure to share this video with someone
you know or love and love that wants better gut health or wants to know just what the
heck is prebiotics.  By the way, we are here each and every day
on Ancient Medicine Today sharing with you information that we believe will transform
your health. Ancient Medicine Today is brought to you by where we believe that food is medicine. So share this video and stay tuned each day
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45 thoughts on “What Are Prebiotics – Benefits and Sources

  1. Thank you so much Jordan, love you , Dr. Axe and your wonderful work with such vital information . Fantastic! God bless you all.

  2. I have lymphocytic Colitis that I thought went away, but it didn't. A lot of these foods are not allowed in my diet, would making a smoothie out of them help? I am absolutely exhausted not sleeping because of this stuff going on in my gut. Dr Axe, do you have any videos on lymphocytic colitis?

  3. Hello! I was wondering if you could make a video about your opinion in vaccines? Im very interested. Thank you!!

  4. hi Dr Axe, whats your thoughts on Keifer?. i have just started making it and using it in Smoothies, hopefully it can help my son with his Crohns disease he has had for the past 24yrs…… would like to see your video on Keifer…..thanks

  5. Thanks for all ur videos…if u haven't done it already could you plz make a video on which produce is "safe" to eat unorganic and which produce are heavily sprayed with pesticides etc and so should instead be eaten organic.

  6. Thanks Jordan for sharing some super sources of prebiotics.

    Dr. Greger essentially said to forget probiotics, just eat a diet rich in prebiotics and your bacteria will take care of themselves. "You are what They eat." or perhaps even more accurately: "They are what You eat."

  7. My mother loves your channel and have been told we share the same birthday. Thanks for the tips you share with her. We appreciate it greatly!

  8. Thanks for the great information. My favorite prebiotic is raw garlic. Garlic has so many benefits. Anti-Cancer, Anti-Fungal. Definitely need to have garlic everyday.

  9. Ya should do a detail diet for candida and all its foods. The current one is not that good. Some of the videos are ok. Can you eat jicama on candida diet?

  10. I tend to agree with what he said about prebiotics being the missing link. I used to think it was probiotics that was the missing link, and it still may be to some extent but with a better understanding of such things. It now seems to me that prebiotics may be more of the missing link. Heres some reasons why. First of all as said in the video prebiotics feed the gut flora. Also as they say eat vegetables for better health, but much in vegetables are really just prebiotics and the body dont use or cant digest much of it really, but your gut flora can or will. You hear it said take probiotics but what they fail to mention, something I learned later. Is that adding foreign bacteria to the body such as probiotics, that just causes your already existing gut flora to go crazy and go on the war path to destroy the new invaders. And that causes a lot of the ill effects many feel when taking such, or things like kombucha, kefir or even fermented vegetables and other probiotics. Im not saying that if you take it long enough or that if you have taken it since childhood, that your body wont eventually accept it. but for most people there is a sort of rejection with probiotics as your body and gut flora think of that as foreign invaders and mount up an attack against such. That causes the die off and misery so many feel when taking such. Its not your body cleaning itself out better as they mistakenly say making you feel that bad. So the key may be just to increase your already natural gut flora that is already in your gut and always has been in the first place, perhaps since birth.

  11. THANK U SO MUCH!!! my gut flora is so bad that my stomach hurts after every meal, ill look for these and start eating them 😀

  12. Very informative, much praise for keeping a straight face when mentioning "tiger nuts", childish, I know.

  13. Im curious about garlic since you mention it has antibiotic properties. It is great food for the microbiome but does it's antimicrobial traits make it something extra to consider?
    I love garlic and eat it all the time with onions but wanted to check base on this idea.

  14. nice video, thanks for sharing,

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    Prebiotics help in maintaining the well-being of the human body and are thus, increasingly appealing to the health conscious population. Prebiotics assures augmented amnesty and ease digestion problems, which is also driving their demand.

  15. Why is all the healthy food gross? OK, I could do a bologna sandwich but I'm pretty sure the white bread, butter, mayo, and salt would cancel out any health benefits of a thins slice of Spanish onion.

  16. Agreed and one cheap source if your on a shoestring budget, is potato starch(raw). Cutting potatoes finely and massaging them and squeezing the water out will bring out the starch and consuming it raw will help with blood sugar as well as gut health. I like to do this process and after the the starch settles, take some of the water out and add some more till it’s semi clear, it won’t hurt you but just a preference.

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