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So what are the do’s and the don’ts when taking a homeopathic remedy? So where a homeopathic remedy is taken is often orally, alright? In a very-very sick individual or in a baby, one could use olfaction as a method but for all intents and purposes remedies are taken orally. So our absorption would occur in the mouth in the sublingual glands – so your mouth needs to be clean. That’s how I try to explain it to my patients. If you’ve just eaten it’s not a good idea to take your remedy because it can impact of the on the absorption of the remedy. If you’ve just brushed your teeth, for example, the toothpaste can cause vasoconstriction and therefore affect the absorption. And also mint specifically? Mint and menthol and coffee and other very strong flavours and products can interfere with the absorption and the efficacy of the remedy. However, when you do treat a lot of children and you’re dealing with moms who are busy, who also have more than one or two children. I find that what I say to my patients is that: if it’s time for the dose and we’ve given a three-hourly dose or a four-hourly dose and you think, ‘I don’t know if the mouth is clean enough. Let me do something or let me wait’ – I think by the time you’ve turned around another two hours have passed and you’ve missed your dose. As much as we try to always stick to it, I find that sometimes it’s not always easiest and I do understand that and so I would say, rather just take the remedy. It will still do its thing. And then if the child is trying to take the remedy. Let’s say, they’re a little bit older and you tell them they must take four and you’ve shown them how. And they put it in the lid and then they have and then it falls on the carpet or the floor. I would just do another dose. You wouldn’t take that? No. Why not? Remember a lot of the time your pillules or your granules, that you are referring to, are medicated so the actual medication is dropped on to them and a little film or coating is created around that. If you handle that or it drops on the floor, never mind that you can remove that film but you can also pick up something else. And I think there are so many doses in a bottle, if you drop a few rather just take another lot. What happens when a child just downs a bottle because they taste so nice and believe me, my children have gone through cupboards at a time? I’ve had many phone calls of parents in an absolute panic where they’ve taken the bottle. It’s okay, you’ve just taken a very large single dose. That’s correct. With homeopathy it’s about the repetition of the dose and the timing of that – that’s what’s more important than how many you take. Often, it’s not to worry. If they’re taking it in lactose granules they might be having a little more lactose and sugar and that would be the extent of it. Taking four or five different bottles in mom’s cupboard? All at the same time? All at the same time. There’s not going to be a major problem that’s caused. Again, it will probably be too much sugar, you might have interactions with remedies. If the child is sick and they’re taking it, it could interfere with the child’s picture which would maybe make it difficult for the homeopath trying to treat the child. But all of those things can be overcome because after that dose subsides the remedy will show itself and you will be able to prescribe.

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