Taking Charge of Your Health

In Ayurveda, the science of life, the body is made of five elements,
fire, air,space, earth and water and these 5 elements are
categorized in 3 body types: Vata which is composed
of air and space Pitta which is composed
of fire and water, Kapha which is composed
of earth and water So, either you can be vata-pitta,
pitta-vata, vata-kapha, vata-pitta-kapha So, if you know your body type, and
you act accordingly, you eat accordingly, and you have a lifestyle accordingly,
you can really help yourself. So, what I mean by that?
If you are vata body type, you can eat things that are
more sweet, sour and salty. Because vata body type
have low blood pressure and they can’t do fasting.
If you are pitta, you must avoid spicy food, sour,
salty and pungent you must eat more sweet like
papaya, apple and strawberries and astringent as pomegranate
and bitter foods. So if you are kapha, you should
avoid things which are heavy you should go for lights and you should avoid
things which are sweet, sour and salty. Actually, doshas are 3
functional energies and these energies throw the
life flowing in our bodies when these energies are disturbed,
this is the imbalance in the body It can be physical, it can be
mental and it can be emotional also. So, first energy is called Vata. This is the energy of movement,
all kind of movements in our bodies It is due to vata. The second energy is called Pitta.
it deals with the metabolism of our life and the third energy (Kapha),
it lubricates the body and give us physical stability. So, these energies when they are
flowing properly in our life, the life will be healthy and balance, and when they are going up and down,
then, we can have problems. and whole life we are
balancing these 3 energies. According to your body type,
you can really help yourself. So, if you are vata an
your blood pressure is low, and you are not having salty things
and you are not eating warm food, so it is not good. So, if you eat according
to your body type if you are pitta and you
are eating too much spicy and sour and salty food,
it is going to harm you so if you are kapha and
your kapha is very high and you are overweight and you
still are eating heavy food and you are eating late night,
definitely it is going to harm you. So, before sunrise,
if you are waking up you are going to the toilet and
have the elimination of the urinal and the stool, it is
good, but if you sleep late, you are reabsorbing
that fecal matter, So, what I am trying to say is the basic reason of … 60% of
back pain is late night food because the muscles
which are here, can go on but the muscles that are at the back cannot So, if you wake up early in the
morning, you release the waste plus if you are not eating
late, if you are eating early, So it is 7 o’clock dinner, so you can have a
good metabolic rate, So, you must have a good physical
activity in the form of asana or pranayama and yoga and Ayurveda together
can do magic in your life. Yoga and Ayurveda can do magic!

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