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Eric Bakker. Thanks for coming back. We’re going to talk about weight loss in menopause. Many women struggle with menopause. They struggle in many different ways. Weight also becomes an issue, especially after
they’ve had one or several children. Fatigue’s a big problem. Insomnia, there can be anxiety, hot flashes,
reduced libido. I mean, the list goes on and on and on. If you’re a lady watching this, going through
what we call the change, okay? Or the transition. And you’re really suffering bad, go and see
a functional medicine doctor or a naturopathic doctor with experience and get this test done. It’s called the Dutch test. Okay? Dry urine test, comprehensive hormones. Because it will actually do a really good
job of mapping out all of your sex hormones and stress hormones all in one report for
the doctor to look at. This needs fixing up. Many women lack estrogen. Many women also lack sufficient testosterone
and that can create a big problem with libido, cognition, mood, logic, or ability to think
properly, memory loss, all these things can come about with poor testosterone levels. So but what can you eat for menopause weight
loss? That’s the question. I get sidetracked, see? So, well, it’s more a question of what should
I not eat? Let’s talk about that first. What you should not eat. Really, if you’re trying to lose weight, is
you shouldn’t consume alcohol. Now, this is a big issue for many women going
through menopause is alcohol consumption is high calories. All right? Very high calories. So the more you drink, the bigger you’ll get. One good big glass of white wine is equivalent
to a double cheeseburger. All right? So just remember that there’s a lot of calories
in wine. Look what you’re snacking on, what you’re
nibbling on. You may need to look at different types of
food structures, different types of diets and types of foods if you’re really going
for sweet stuff all the time. Are you eating regularly? That’s a key thing that I really ask many
women, menopausal women. Are you having breakfast, lunch, and dinner
at regular times? And many times they’re not because they’re
rushed off their feet still with teenagers or they’re doing things. All right? So good foods to eat, in my opinion, are just
plain old healthy foods: vegetables, fruits, lean meats. There’s no rocket science to this, all right? We just did some videos on sweet potato talking
about how good they are for weight loss, for example, but many foods are good for weight
loss providing you just eat with common sense and a high degree of common sense. You’ll know what the wrong kinds of foods
are, they’ll be the takeaway foods, they’ll be the processed foods, deep fried or embalmed
foods. They’re not really good, are they? Those are the sort of foods that you probably
want to avoid. But I tell you a big thing with menopause
is you want to get your adrenal function checked out, especially if you’re fatigued because
if you’re tired, you could be going for sugar a lot more than you should. All right? So if you are going for sweet stuff, B vitamins
and chromium will help as supplements, but more than anything, get the adrenal salivary
levels checked. The salivary test for hormones and particularly
cortisol needs testing because as those ovaries start reducing function through the menopause,
the adrenal glands, you have to kick up and so does the thyroid. And if nutrition is not good, well that’s
not sorted, it creates fatigue and then you get poor, sloppy eating patterns like alcohol,
sugar, takeaway, candy bars, ice cream, those sorts of things, and of course the weight
starts piling on. And as a woman gets 50s, 60s and gets a bigger,
puts on more weight, she becomes far less motivated to do anything about it, and it’s
a downward spiral from there, isn’t it? So if you don’t want to go there in the first
place, try and get this menopausal thing sorted. The hormones have a massive impact on influencing
your nutritional behavior and that’s a key thing I want you to get out of this video. Thanks for tuning in. By the way, click on the link below to get
my free 17 page candida shopping list. It’s a beauty. Thanks for tuning in.

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