Taking Charge of Your Health

One of the main questions that I get asked
when I’m out and about talking to people is: ‘What does a Naturopath actually do?’ And it’s interesting because a lot of people
have heard of a Naturopath and might have a friend that goes and sees a Naturopath but
they go ‘I don’t know how that profession can actually help me’. So I just wanted to spend a couple of minutes
here talking to you and sharing a few of the main things that we see in clinical practice
as Naturopaths that we deal with really well. So the first one I talk about here is energy. So a lot of people just feel like their energy
isn’t quite there – or they get highs or they get lows. That can be caused by all sorts of different
things. Digestive health is one of those things that
is really, really key in terms of setting the foundation for the rest of our health
going forward. Immune function, so just those little colds
and flus and sniffles that tend to hang around a little bit. Or is it hay fever and these little other
things like that kind of be more acute and seasonal. Ahhh… sleep. Sleep is one of those things that – whether
its getting off to sleep or staying asleep or just waking up and feeling like you haven’t
slept at all – I think we’ve all had that sort of experience! As well as skin health. Skin health is one of those things that is
sometimes quite acute and sometimes can be quite chronic and it has lots of different
contributing factors, so you tend to go ‘what works? what doesn’t?’ But there’s things that can be worked with
on all sorts of different aspects from that point of view. But also pyhsical levels, so body and muscle
things. So even just jaw clenching and muscle tightness
and soreness as well as headaches and those sorts of things are things we can worked with
really well. But also talking about food and food therapy
– so that can relate to weight loss and weight gain – and how the food that we eat actually
interacts with us as a person. So they’re kind of the main things. I like to focus really, really strongly on
education. So I like to have people walking out of an
appointment feeling as though they’ve learnt something that’s going to allow them to apply
what they’ve learnt in consultation into their lives really well. Which really flows onto the long term reflection
of where we want our health to be – because it’s all very well and good to get a shorter
term or immediate result – but I’m all about talking about ‘how can we get a level of prevention
so that these sort of things don’t happen again’. And that only comes through the education
side of things. But also understanding that you actually have
to take responsibility for your own health. I’m not here to ‘treat’ you so you don’t have
to do anything. A lot of the stuff we do in clinic is you
taking responsibility and changing your food habits and your daily habits so that you can
get the outcome you want.

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