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what foods should I be eating an autumn
autumn is also known as Vata season and that means those qualities of Vata
are going to be expressing in the environment it’s gonna be cold dry light
and mobile like the wind so to keep your body in balance it’s really good to eat
Vata balancing foods and those are warming grounding and nourishing some of
my personal favorites are roasted winter squash of any kind turnips carrots brown
rice and basmati rice you’ll also want to keep your food oily ghee of course
and focus on using warming digestive spices like ginger cumin black pepper
cinnamon in fact a lot of the foods that you think of as fall foods are naturally
Vata balancing like pumpkin pie mashed potatoes and gravy apple cider and
butternut squash carrot soup for more autumn recipes and to get inspired visit
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One thought on “What Foods Should I Be Eating in Autumn? | Ayurveda Q&A | #AskBanyan

  1. Love this! It is great to know that the foods that are in season that are traditional winter holiday foods are the foods we want to favor. Thank you, Banyan!

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