Taking Charge of Your Health

A provider answers a patient’s
question in his office. What happens if I
don’t have the surgery now? Well, the advantage of having
the surgery now is that you feel well and you’re healthier
than you’ll be later on. So you’ll recover more easily. It also means that,
when you start dialysis, it’ll be an elective process —
in other words, it’ll be gentle. It probably can be done
as an outpatient. A fistula is the best way
to start dialysis. If you have a fistula in place,
it means that preparations have been made, well ahead of
when you need to start dialysis. If you don’t do anything
right now and you delay, and you reach the point
where you need dialysis and there’s no way
to perform dialysis, it will be an emergency
procedure, and in order to perform dialysis, a catheter
will have to be placed into a large vein
in your neck.

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