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72 thoughts on “What Happens to Your Brain Under General Anesthesia? | Medical Minute Monday Ep 6

  1. I learned something new on Friday when I had emergency surgery for a retinal detachment. When they numb the optic nerve you cannot see through the eye! What a relief that was.

  2. I woke up during a surgery why? It was for my hysterectomy. Was very painful but then knocked me right out. Now terrified of surgery.

  3. Hello, thought I’d share. My first husband, who has now passed away had a maintenance dose of anesthesia that was missed during surgery. He was receiving a live donor kidney from his sister, and when they were closing him up his body woke up and buckled. He had no knowledge of this during the surgery. The kidney detached and he almost bled to death. They tried to reattach the kidney and closed him up. After a few months of hospital stays he lost the kidney. It was a very sad situation. Thank you for sharing your medical knowledge with us. GOD bless!

  4. This is so eye opening. Thank you for this! I’ll be going under general anaesthesia soon for surgery for the first time and this video settles my nerves

  5. I love these new videos and I appreciate all the great knowledge you are giving to us! I just wish you would go into more detail because I could listen to you talk about the medical field all day and I do not even work in your industry haha! Love you so much, Kristina! Keep up the great work and I honestly wouldn't mind longer medical minute videos from you! 😀 xoxo

  6. I’m having surgery in a month, lateral meniscus tear, not that big of a deal but it’s funny that this video popped up since I’m obviously going to need anesthesia during surgery.

  7. So interesting! I watched the other video also. Just had surgery and have to have another. I have the sweetest anesthesiologist! He is so smart, caring and I know I can trust my life in his hands! Thank you Kristina!!

  8. These videos are so informative! I have had two ankle surgeries (trimalleolar fracture) in the past six months and now I know about anesthesia 😀. What I don’t know is why I woke up crying both times. Any insight?

  9. Kristina, thank you so much for these medical minute videos! I am thoroughly enjoying them and find them so informative! God bless you and your precious family!❤️😘

  10. Somewhat related: sometimes my oncology kids ask to push the "sleepy milk" themselves when it's time for their procedures which is hard when some of them don't know their numbers yet XD

  11. Thank you for the medical mondays videos. My two year old son is going to surgery in a week and this video made me little bit calmer. Still not at ease cuz he is so little. Please do continue with this type of videos 👏💕

  12. Love this style of video!!!!

    Anesthesiologists have a thankless job – everyone thanks the doctor(s) that performed surgery and the nurses after for their care in recovery or up on the floor. I have had surgery twice and always took the time to thank the anesthesiologist ❤️ I also work on a surgical post-op floor so it is easier for me to thank them but everyone should!!!

  13. What is your work schedule like? I think it’s amazing how you’re able to make YouTube videos while being a doctor. I’m premed and I would prefer a specialty where I can have a work life as well a personal life.

  14. I've always thought anesthesia was the most interesting thing in medicine. I've had so many surgeries related to Crohn's and often times they can do a MAC which I appreciate. Still with that, I've never once woke up in the middle of a procedure. I've had some damn good crna's and anesthesiologist in my corner. I always call them my best friends! Lol

  15. I’ve never watched any of these videos, but watching this was great! My daughter had her appendix removed two weeks ago and her anesthesiologist came to talk to her and I thought of you and told her “he plays a very important role on the team and your surgery!” It’s easy for us to just think the surgeons are important when in reality the whole team is! Thanks for sharing your knowledge! I’ve always loved watching your videos I love how you share with us a variety of content not the same old video everyone else makes!

  16. I have really enjoyed medical Monday’s! Would you consider make a video about nitrous oxide and pregnancies? I work for a dental office and around nitrous oxide constantly and having concerns since we are hoping to try for a little one soon.

  17. I am presenting on anesthesia (history, what it is, current research, challenges, etc) for a medical advancements seminar on Wednesday and I’m actually showing the TED video! I love your Medical Minute Mondays!!

  18. I hope to have as little anesthesia as possible in my lifetime. The reason being for what you said about not knowing exactly what it does to the brain. I am concerned how it could be related somehow to the increase in Alzheimer’s. There is so much that is unknown. What is your opinion, Kristina?

  19. I love anesthesiologists-they have the coolest bedside manners Pre op which we need because we are scared af and I personally pay the balance after insurance to the anesthesiologists before the hospital and surgeon because you all made it possible for me to have a successful procedure! I made that decision many years ago after my first adult surgery and have continued this many surgeries later!

  20. Love these videos!! It is nice to get informed information from someone in the field. Very interesting. Love you Kristina! 😀

  21. Loving the medical minute Mondays! Fascinating that that actually it’s a little bit of a mystery what happens with the brain. So much of medicine is actually like this I’ve found, funny to think in such a scientific and research based profession there is still room for mystery x

  22. Enjoy all your videos but this was really helpful! I’ve had 34 surgeries (I have VATER Syndrome) and my Rule before every surgery was “I don’t want to wake up during. I want to wake up after.” My biggest fear was not having enough anesthesia. You do brilliant and life preserving work, thank you! Bless you.

  23. I had an Upper GI Scope done and I remember when they inserted the device down my throat I was shaking my head and fighting it. It only lasted for (I think) for a couple of seconds. I guess they increased the amount of Propofol.

  24. Thanks for another very interesting and informative video, Kristina! The Zheng video was very educational! I find it amazing that in 2019, with all of the huge advancements that have been made (in science and tech, especially) that there is still SO much that is unknown about the human body—particularly, the brain! Take Care!

  25. My father had a brain aneurysm, that he shockingly survived, but ever since when he goes under anesthesia he goes back a few steps in terms of memory loss for about a week or so. His neurosurgeons warned us this may happen and they were right!

  26. I've read a few studies that link anesthetic agents to the development of alzheimer's neuropathology in older people. Do you think this is plausible?

  27. I have gone under a few times and OMG I wake up feeling like I’ve had the BEST sleep and full of energy, I always say I need this every night 😂. Thanks for sharing your knowledge 😚

  28. White i was getting s procedure done right before going under I was staring at the clock and I don’t know how much time went by but all I remember is just being stuck staring at it. I think my eyes were not closed all the way and they didn’t noticed. It was the weirdest feeling.

  29. Thank you for the Medical Minute Monday series 💛 I love learning from you! You would be an amazing educator one day…

  30. Hi Kristina, i have a quick question Im going in for a hernia repair but am breastfeeding my 7 month old. Is it ok to nurse as soon as I wake up? Thank you! x

  31. This was so interesting to my husband and I. He had rotator cuff surgery last week. Your explanations are concise and interesting! Thank you.

  32. Hi Dr Braly- maybe one of your Medical Minute Mondays you could discuss post-anesthesia/post-op cognitive problems? I've never had surgery but I experienced this second-hand as a care-giver with my husband. So appreciate all I learn here!

  33. Great content Kristina. Would it be possible to dive in a bit deeper to the topics? I know you want to stick to the short format, but a minute or two doesn't explain much at all. For example, identify the different types of anesthesia, what the anesthesiologist does during the surgery and side effects post surgery.

  34. You should describe the purpose of wake up tests (I think that’s what they are called) during sx and how to stop the pt from waking up completely 🙂

  35. Wow. Love your videos. I just subscribed to you today and have watched three videos – all soo good and soo informative.

  36. I've had over 35 surgeries I'd rather have iv anesthesia than gas I have issues with the mask I have tried to stay awake then it goes dark no dreams kinda like passing out your not aware of time passing then you wake up your throat feels weird I'm always emotional and cry as I wake up then your feel the pain from the surgery it's the weirdest feeling no matter if you fight sleep but you sleep anyway I get really anxious waiting for them to put the meds in they at least try and talk to you so your not afraid no matter how many times I've been out to sleep I get anxiety every time😬

  37. So how does a EEG of the brain look under Anastasia? No probes show a flatline right? Colorado Paramedic

  38. Not sure if this comment will get seen but, I have a question. If someone needed to have surgery on their back would they have to be laying stomach down on the surgical bed with a breathing tube?

  39. I have an operation in 2 days on my shoulder and I'm going to be sedated, as soon as I fall asleep will the next thing I know be waking up? Will I dream?

  40. Thank you for your efforts, Kristina. Can you elaborate on what are the prolonged effects on the brain after undergoing the General Anesthesia? Several years ago I had a severe brain concussion and a few days back now had surgery with a GA (on thyroid). So I worry if there is anything I should take close care of withing the next several months probably. Questioning my anesthesiologist and surgeon did not bring up any specific advice/guidance.

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