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Alpha Lipoic Acid, commonly referred to as ALA is a powerful fatty acid and antioxidant that is produced naturally in our bodies in small amounts. Ala binds with proteins to help the body convert carbohydrates into energy when excess ala exists its antioxidant properties help the body eliminate free radicals that can cause cell damage ala has numerous health benefits it may facilitate energy production in the body may lower ocular pressure and reduce the likelihood of neuropathy and cataracts and assist with Limor cleansing in relation to diabetes ala may boost the body’s ability to use its own insulin may lower blood sugar levels or help regulate blood sugar levels already within normal ranges and help lessen the symptoms a peripheral nerve damage studies have also shown ala may be effective in slowing down the aging process in the brain and improving brain function in patients with Alzheimer’s disease because the body only produces small amounts of ala supplementation is often necessary to experience the benefits of this multifaceted antioxidant in general anyone can benefit from ala supplements but they are especially useful for individuals over the age of 50 or for people who suffer from known blood sugar imbalances insulin resistance and those who may be experiencing cardiovascular or weight issues when shopping for ala supplements look for quality clean products from respected manufacturers who conduct regular testing to maintain quality standards side effects relating to ala supplements are rare but high dosages can sometimes result in rashes nausea and vomiting stomach pain and diarrhea remember while there’s a lot of information out there on ala it’s always important since we’re individuals to speak with your health care provider before starting any supplements especially if you’re currently taking any medications you

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