Taking Charge of Your Health

Tell me, Sandi. What is it typically, what does it look like to be a naturopath? Can you please just explain to our readers what it encompasses? Obviously, you’ve mentioned using essential oil as part of your practice. Which is unusual, it’s not the norm. Most naturopaths don’t have a special interest or don’t have additional training in aromatherapy. I’m very fortunate, I had independent training. It wasn’t just a module in a programme. For me, I’ve spent many years studying it and training in it and gathering bits of paper from it. But for naturopaths generally, if one considers in conventional medicine that you have a GP (a general practitioner) in the Allied Health field, that’s what a naturopath fundamentally started out as. As being the generalist that would be using all sorts of natural treatments to treat the patient. And still today naturopaths, they use all the tests that are necessary just as any other doctor would. But they also work a lot with the patient on educating the patient and taking responsibility for their own health; using nutrition, using herbs, using any natural treatments that are available that would assist either the disease process or ideally prevent it and then to remove any obstacles to cure. But you cannot prescribe drugs? No, we do not prescribe drugs. It’s not within our scope of practice. We prescribe those medicines which are in our limitarian of use and those are natural substances including nutritionals. And poultices, which I’d like to have you back and talk to me about poultices. Yes certainly. I love them! I’m an old duck, I use poultices a lot right from our hospital days through to now.

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