Taking Charge of Your Health

What is a naturopathic doctor? As the
field of medicine continues to develop so does the description of the doctors
who practice it. It seems like there’s more acronyms to describe who, and what a doctor is than ever before. That can be confusing. So to answer ‘what is a
naturopathic doctor’ let’s compare an ND, a naturopathic
doctor, against an MD, a medical doctor. How are they the same? Both heavily
emphasized education. Chemistry, biochemistry, anatomy, physiology, cellular biology, and don’t forget all the lab work to put it into practice. On top of
that, they both have to continue in their studies for at least another four years
to complete their medical degree in their specific field. They can both write
prescriptions for medication and order lab tests with their patients. In fact, in
most ways you can think of, naturopathic doctors and medical doctors are very
similar. But it’s what makes them different that might surprise you. It’s
how they think. It’s no surprise that a medical doctor primarily addresses their
patients needs by prescribing medication, but a naturopathic doctor thinks more
like a fireman! How so? Firemen understand the science behind fighting a fire. That
even though it can be tempting to focus on the flames…the symptoms…you can’t
fight a fire without addressing the fuel that’s sustaining it. If you fight a fire at its source, addressing where the flames are coming
from, the fire will go out. Alleviating the symptom, and its underlying factors
at the same time. That’s a solution I can get behind. To find out exactly how a
naturopathic doctor can address not just your symptoms, but the real factors
behind them, come in and meet with us, or schedule a free 10 minute consultation
over the phone. The road to better health can be long and a little confusing. You’ve got a friend waiting at the end of it to help you make the right choices
for you and your health goals.

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