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What is a Neuro-Oncologist? A neuro-oncologist is a physician who has
either trained in oncology or neurology, who then does additional training in the treatment
of brain tumors as well as the complications of cancer treatment because cancer treatment
can have a profound effect on the brain and the nerves. What I do is I help to coordinate the treatment
options and I will sent a patient to a surgeon because I think they may need additional surgery
or send the patient to radiation because further radiation may be beneficial. For patients who have cancer in the brain
itself, cancer of the brain, I will be one of the main drivers of what options of therapy
get presented to them. For people who have cancer elsewhere, I may
raise concerns with their primary oncologist that a proposed treatment is going to have
some untoward side effects that we want to try and avoid. What is a Tumor Board? A tumor board is a multidisciplinary group
of physicians and other healthcare providers such as nurses, social workers, physical and
occupational therapists, that meet on a regular basis to discuss individual patient cases
and options for care that those individual patients have. It allows us to get a diversity
of opinions, from people who may not be involved in that patient’s care but who may know
of something, that may be beneficial or who may know of a barrier, to that patient getting
the care they require and help us find ways around it. I become involved in tumor boards very frequently
particularly for the brain cancer tumor board, however, I have been involved in tumor boards
for other types, when it is required, when I am asked and when I think that I can have
an important role in helping them any way when cancer affects the nervous system. Brain tumor patients need a village. They
really need a group of people dedicated to them and not just physicians, but nurses,
social workers, physical, occupational and speech therapists and I think that Leigh Valley
provides all of that for our patients. (610) 402-CARE

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  1. Good info! It sounds like a very multi-faceted line of work where many different disciplines align.

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