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Title Education Law Medicine Life Spirituality Art Literature Consulting time Greetings..!! My name is Sethu Subramanian. I have been practicing acupuncture since 2010. Acupuncture orginally came from yellow river shore before 8000 years ago. It is believed to be originated from china. W.H.O approved acupuncture as an effective form of treatment in 1962. Nowadays in India acupuncture is getting recognized in many places as it is a pill less treatment. I think I am honored to learn this medicine by god’s grace. We are running a wellness centre named Rishi Natural, Yoga and Wholistic International in Tirunelveli, Ngo A colony. We have appointed professional doctors, physiotherapists for best treatment. We have other therapists too. The lists of treatment we perform are Naturopathy Acupuncture Yoga Correcting misalignment of spinal cord and joints that is Dorn therapy. We are giving our best care and support to the patients who come here. People who came here benefited a lot. The thing we concentrate more is that we do a Wholistic approach. We are clear in our treatment plan for the patient who come here right from the beginning. Before start the treatment we would give counseling and decide our course of plan. Because every therapy is just a tool. Our body will heal itself. Ninety percent body will heal on its own. If the patient needed dorn we would give dorn. If the patient needed acupuncture we would provide acupuncture. If they need Yoga we would give Yoga. If physiotherapy is the best option to heal we would give physiotherapy. If they need the natural therapy or need to change their food and life style we would do that. This is how we are treating the patients who come here. They are getting completely recovered once they come here. The main reason is we are concentrating on the root of the problem. We will decide which will best suit for the particular patients. We are so strong in that. I would like to share some information about acupuncture with you all today. The name Acupuncture is derived from the Latin words ‘acus’ and ‘punctura’. As acupuncture is based on five physical elements we can be relieved from all kind of diseases. The reason is what is there in universe will be there in fetus, what there in fetus will be in universe. So the fetus is based on the universe. Our body is composed of five physical elements. Just think our body contains 72 percent of water, that is blood. Water which is 72 percent of the body is one of the physical elements. You may ask what are the five physical elements. The five elements is known to all, but I would like to remind it here now. Land Water Fire Air Space So the body is based on these five physical elements. If you ask the question will acupuncture cure all kind of diseases, Acupuncture would balance the five physical elements in our body. When we balance the five elements known diseases unknown diseases can also be resolved. Acupuncture will cure our disease from its roots. When we use acupuncture on the patients the toxins of the body is removed. Also when the food and life style has been changed they can be relieved from any kind of disease for sure. Just think you were happy at the age of five you were happy at the age of ten and you were happy at the age of fifteen. You will wake early in morning and get ready for school. You ate breakfast, lunch and dinner at the right time. Also you had enough exercise by playing. You were healthy. There were no issues or problems in your body. You go to sleep by nine o clock. Your life has been so organized and good back then. There is no disease that bothered you. When did all disease start? When you started having responsibilities, and you were running around to finish those responsibilities. You had only that as aim in your mind and you stopped looking after your health. Your lifestyle changed. The other thing is food. Today many people are being in rush and they are not eating any healthy foods. The fast food cultures also have a huge impact in our life. In those days people would intake carbo less diet. They ate healthy millets and food. But today the main reason for disease is not having the right food and life style. So you need to correct this. If you notice in day to day basis our mom, our sister or wife may accidentally cut them while cooking. Doesn’t it heal them? Are they rushing to a doctor for that? No. It will heal itself. Many people don’t know this. Our body has the ability to heal itself. Just think about it if we give support to our body then we can recover from any kind of disease. We should understand this. When we go for acupuncture pain related issues can be solved immediately. But if there is something chronic we have to start from the base of it. It takes time. We need time to balance our five physical elements and balance our body, then teach the food and lifestyle to them. So we need to completely join in their journey to cure them. So it takes time. Science says that it takes 120 days for our tissue to regenerate itself. If we have a wound to be healed then it takes time. So we need to wait for that to happen. If you guys notice If you guys notice we are using ornaments in our neck, leg, hands, nose etc. Many don’t the reason behind this. If we ask they would say as superstition. It’s not true. Now if a person wears earrings if their ear is punctured at a right spot, and if they wear earrings the brain will work actively. In the same way there are reasons behind every ornament we wear. There is reason behind nose piercing, there is a reason for wearing chain around the neck, and wearing ring in the ring finger has a reason. And there is reason behind wearing so many bangles during pregnancy and wearing anklet in our legs has a reason and wearing hip chain has its reason. If you notice, the ornaments that are worn below the hip will be of silver, some people may use brass. And the ornaments which are worn above the hip are made of gold. The reason is to receive the cosmic rays for our body. In Hindu customs women are wearing mangal sutra, the mangal sutra will be of seven feet of that particular person. The chain will fall the centre of the chest exactly. So they won’t have issues like heart attack. In the same way, if we dig deeper we would learn many things. Our ancestors have thought of everything in advance in those days. If you look at tribal people they will have ear piercing from bottom to top. Have you seen it? The reason is to keep the spinal cord straight. See how they are taking care of them. Today we are talking more about science but we do not believe the Meta science that is supporting the science itself. There is no science without Meta science. If we think our ancestors have determined the exact distance of Neptune and Sun before 8000 years. There was no rocket back then. Even NASA is surprised at the accuracy of their findings before decades ago. Everyone should believe that some things exist other than science. Acupuncture works with the healing morality. It is based on energy balancing system. Allopathy, Sidha, Ayurveda, Homeopathy deals with chemical balancing. Yoga, physiotherapy and surgery deals with physical balancing. But the system which deals with energy balance is acupuncture. Why are we eating? We are eating for energy. If we can’t achieve that then we are using acupuncture to receive the cosmic energy to our body form the universe. So the person who has physical issues can recover quickly. So what we are doing here is, we are balancing the five physical elements, which is the base of the energy system. We are striving through the energy that is there in our body. Then if we want our body to heal then the energy should be perfect. We are getting energy from food, or from the universe. So acupuncture is a great system to achieve that. If we are looking for a system with no side effects its acupuncture. If you like this video, Like it Share it and to know more about acupuncture and dorn therapy Then subscribe. I will see you in another episode, until then greetings. Thank you. See you. Live prosperously.

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