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Let’s talk about Biomedical treatment so, what exactly is Biomedical treatment? To understand this we have to look into the history of Autism In the beginning around 1943, when it was described , it what known as a psychiatric disorder and parents were told it cannot be treated and ultimately we have to institutionalize the child but later in the 1960’s Autism Research Institute was established. It was established by Mr. Bernard Rimland He was a researcher and his own son was diagnosed with Autism He did not believe that it was a psychiatric disorder but he was told that it was caused due to bad parenting and it was known by a special term “Refrigerator Mothers” So he wanted to prove that this theory is incorrect and he wanted to prove that this is not caused due to “bad parenting” but it’s actually a Medical Disorder. With this intention he established the Autism Research Institute and he contacted other parents, researchers, pediatricians who can help him to disclose about this So this gave birth to the First DAN movement DAN stands for Defeat Autism Now It was co-founded by Sidney Baker He was a very famous Pediatrician from Yale Together they formed this organization which we have known as DAN and this organization conducted conferences twice a year In this conferences, from every field there would be specialists, like immunologists, gastroenterologist these conferences were open for parents also so parents, doctors whoever wanted to have some information regarding Autism could attend these conferences and get more information about it This was in the 90’s…okay Then in America, in USA there was such an increase in Autism that it was a big burden on their Health care system so they started doing lot of research to understand Why is Autism increasing in such huge numbers? So as a result of that research today there is an understanding that Autism is not a psychiatric disorder it’s a Medical disorder and it’s not just limited to the brain but it’s also limited to the rest of the organ system Like the immune system the gastro intestinal system. etc so when you talk about bio-medical treatment we try to find out what are the Causative factors in a particular child which has led to the development of Autism and we try and explore these multiple contributing factors and we come to a conclusion as to which are the things that have led to this particular child’s issues… and what we know now is Autism is a spectrum disorder and each child is different so we try to individualize each child’s issues and come up with a treatment plan for each and every child so this is what is the gist of Bio medical intervention. So when you said earlier that we used to call them as DAN doctors so now, we do not call them DAN doctors? No, no, they don’t tell it now The thing is, it happened in the 90’s then what happened is, in America many doctors started treatment in their own ways and they followed different protocols So what has happened now is, we are trying to have a Standard of care for any child who comes to you with Autism. For that reason the MAPS was devised you know like there were a few doctors who got together and they have devised a standard of care for each and every child who presents with Autism or any other related developmental disability. They have these conferences which train doctors as to what are the tests to be done, how to take a detailed history, what are the things you need to look for when you examine the child, what are the different approaches to address various problems. It’s like training the doctors again. yes..yes..yes and when you say bio-medical, so what I have understood is that it is not a psychiatric but it is taking care of many other Causative it is that’s what it means. yes.. yes.. see Western medicine or Allopathic medicine has got a you know way of they first look at a disease and they name the disease and then they blame the disease for all that goes on and then they try to tame it with a drug or a medication, but in Autism it doesn’t work because you know each child is different with different symptoms so you can’t just put everything under the umbrella of Autism. You need to figure out why one child with Autism is hyperactive and can’t sit still while there is another child who just doesn’t have the energy to get up and play like other normal kids then you have a child who has such severe constipation that it causes them severe gut pain and self injurious behaviors while another child is having diarrhea and is not able to be toilet trained so each child is different and their issues are different so what we try to do is to tease out which child has what kind of issues and tailor make a program for that particular child to address his specific issues. So what I understood about Bio medical before was that it is about giving medicines.. it’s not just about medicines…no no.. not at all about medicines In fact we don’t use any pharmaceuticals as far as possible, we use only supplements, herbs and vitamins and you know minerals and all those kinds We have Dr. Shanta Venkat with us She is MAPS certified doctor MAPS stand for Medical Academy of Pediatric Special Needs and she works with kids with Autism and other kids who have developmental disabilities We have a lot of questions that we have asked her Stay tuned to this channel to learn more from her and let’s grow together. Thank -you !!

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