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One out of every two men and one out of every
three women will be diagnosed with cancer. But despite those huge numbers most individuals
don’t know what that really means. At the simplest level, cancer or cancer cells
are cells that have lost the ability to follow the normal control that the body exerts on
all cells. In our body we have billions and billions of cells and they have different
functions. It’s a very complicated process under incredibly phenomenal control and if
something goes wrong and that control is lost and particular cells escape the normal control
mechanisms and they continue to grow and they may spread. That’s what we call cancer. Those cells together, we would call that a
tumor. Specifically cancer is a malignant tumor and we call it malignant because not
only can it invade into adjacent organs, but unfortunately cancer can spread to other tissues
and that can be life threatening. Cancer can actually occur anywhere in the
body because there are cells everywhere in the body. In women one of the most common
cancers of course is breast cancer and men prostate cancer. And in both men and women
lung cancer and colon cancer are common cancers. It’s important to understand that the cancer
that occurs in one individual is very different than the cancer that occurs in another, just
like those individuals are different. So a lung tumor in one person will be very different
from a lung tumor in another person. Once the diagnosis of cancer is made of course
the next obvious question is what do you do. There are several things that are really relevant.
The stage of the cancer, which is information about where is the cancer. You say it’s a
particular kind of cancer. How much cancer is present? Has it spread? Is it in lymphnodes?
Has it spread to other organs of the body? Cancer treatment actually is very complex
and part of the reason is because cancer is this constellation of over two hundred different
diseases. They have common characteristics but they’re all very different from each other.
In addition to that, the cancer itself is not homogeneous. There may be three or four
or five or six different slight variations in the cancer cells that are there. People
ask why? Why does my cancer not go away? It shrunk by seventy percent. What’s wrong with
the other thirty percent? Well it’s probably a different subtype of that cancer which is
going to require a different kind of treatment. There are three primary therapies for cancer.
Surgery, radiation, and chemotherapy. Surgery works by directly removing the tumor. Radiation
therapy provides x-rays to kill individual cells and the chemotherapy provides chemicals
that can kill those individual cells. But they have side effects. The best therapies that we can produce really
are the result of optimizing the amount of tumor that we can kill by any treatment and
minimizing the amount of damage that we cause to the normal cells that would be affected
by that treatment. At Cancer Treatment Centers of America, we
have a very robust integrative oncology program. Integrative oncology is taking those conventional
oncology treatments and integrating those with therapies like acupuncture, naturopathic
medicine, chiropractic, nutrition. To blend those together and to create the most appropriate
treatment plan for that individual patient at that moment in time. Cancer Treatment Centers of America has invested
in a model in which all of the effects of cancer and its therapy are aggressively treated
and managed. It’s not just enough to kill the cancer, if we don’t treat the pain, the
fatigue, the depression, or the anxiety that comes with a diagnosis of cancer. Receiving a diagnosis of cancer can be a frightening
thing. The good news is that today is probably the most exciting time in history in terms
of the treatment of cancer. Options that didn’t exist a few months ago certainly didn’t exist
a few years ago, like the ability to genomically profile a tumor, and to take that individualized
fingerprint of that cancer may direct us to tailor treatment in very specific ways. We believe that in the future, many more
patients with a number of different tumor types will potentially be able to benefit from
the advances in precision medicine. There are very hopeful options that are available
to us as clinicians to make a difference in patients lives and it’s therefore just as
important for patients to know that, so they have those hopeful options and they take advantage
of them.

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  1. i respect people that have to deal with cancer theres a lot of things that i give people a hard time with and make fun of but cancer i just cant imagine the day to day routine knowing that one day you might go

  2. Among other solutions,the spirituality of Nichiren Buddhism can be helpful in combating cancer-in addition to treatment.

  3. people need to eat less meat and other processed foods..this is the main cause of cancer.. no one blames the greedy corporations bz they r a multi billion dollar industry..also…u having cancer benefits the health medical industry.. tge medical industry r happy people have cancer so they can make money off of you..instead eat less meat…u r also saving animals from torture, abuse, and inhuman slaughtering

  4. Do people really think this place is hoping for a cure or actively trying to find one? They would lose money if there was a cure.

  5. my uncle had cancer he survived now his son had cancer god help him please😢😢😢😢😭😭😭😭😭

  6. I used to have a very bad cancer when I was 8 it was a pain I thought I was gonna die i was upset and crying but then nearly 6 years later my cancer is gone I was so happy no more painful injections YES

  7. This cancer thing is insidious. People saying they want cancer to end are they that keep the cancer around with pharmaceutical inventions. One of which are called vaccinations.  Cancer causing agents are in them. They need to be banned from us and our pets.

  8. In 2013 my mother was diagnosed with stage 3 breast cancer. Thankfully she is a survivor, and is better than ever before. I’m sorry for the many families that have to experience the deaths of loved ones from this deadly killer called cancer.

  9. sir if i wrote how normal cell convert into cancer cell in place of how do cancer cell differ from normal ones? then i got any number out of 4 plz tell me i am in tension

  10. So why are we ALL getting sicker and MORE cancers than 50 years ago ? The MD's and the chemical industry make lots of money on it THATS WHY !

  11. The pesticides ! The GMO's ! The VACCINES ! Thats why ! Start eating real food with vitamins and minerals. No more food in boxes !

  12. questions ?,,,why do we get cleaning and fresh food without using any pesticide food ??what do u mean food in boxes?have boxes been polluted ?

  13. if anyone reading this could spare something to help my friend with his cancer treatment I would be very grateful

  14. Join us in 3rd Oncologist & Cancer Diagnostics Conference 2018
    September 20-21, 2018 #Berlin, #Germany

  15. Those occurance numbers are for the USA. Other countries have much lower rates and in some areas it is almost nonexistant. In the US research focuses on treatment and not cures. Real cures like that of Royal Rife in 1936, and Harold Manner in 1972 are shut down hard by the system because of the threat they pose to the profitability of the cancer industry. I had lung cancer in 2005 and the Rife Frequency treatment cured it fast.

  16. Fundraising for my auntie whose suffering from cancer stage 3. Please kindly share share share

  17. The Erick Cassel Die from cancer too 🙁 he was a good moderator he could make roblox better because he was only admin in roblox who read report rip Erick cassel 2013-2017/2018

  18. A diet high in monosodium glutamate will create glutathione in your body. That will release cancerous cells via the urinary pathway.

  19. Whatever there is, they are only just treatments… no cure. And these treatments, COSTS. In the end it is still death for all that was spent.

  20. some types of cancer are very avoidable by a simple change in the life style, stop smoking drinking and taking drugs control your weight and simply follow a healthy life style

  21. Cells replicate. If you damage cells they cannot replicate. You do not have the same organs your whole life. Your lungs replicate become a whole new organ within 7 years. If you damage your filter systems you will end up with cancer. Drugs, smoking damage organs. Fake boobs wound to chest causes breast cancer. Big pharma on stock market has increased use of drugs that damage kidneys liver and heart.

  22. Dont treat cancer with marijuana because its a poison to the system. Just like opiates. Bees die off because they took pollen from poppies back to hive.

  23. If I may I have ideas for better cancer treatment
    We can cut out the bad tissue and replace it with lab grown organs of the normal tissue and the doctors can make a good treatment for that specific persons cancer because we can anylize DNA and the medicine can arrange it back the way it was from

  24. My auntie died of cancer on Monday April 23rd 2018. She was diagnosed with cancer 4 years ago. 😭😭😭

  25. There are a lot more ways of treating cancer. Sadly, They just aren’t talked about or used by doctors. But if you research, you’ll find lots of treatments that are successful for a lot of people who were told that surgery, Chemotherapy and radiation are the only ways to treat it. Well, and immunotherapy.

  26. My aunt has been diagnosed with cancer which the doctors have told us that it is most likely to metastasize to other body parts of her but due to lack of money we had to take her home out of hospital..😥😞. Despite the opposition of the doctors and knowing the fact that her pain will be unbearable..😢
    Life isn't fair and these all are bitter truth..😞

  27. I want to see a cure for cancer because the world is dying fom Cancer and i Lost my sister Feb. 2009 . My dad August 2009. My brother in Sept. 2011. My moma March 2013. And my step father who was like my dad Nov. 2014… All died from Cancer… I like to never got over my family death… My heart broke in a million pieces… I want a cure for cancer…. NOW..

  28. God bless people with cancer hope they get well and those who unfortunately died may they R. I. P😞

  29. Praying this horrible disease finds a cure…some incredible stories of recovery have emerged, though.

  30. The way the researchers say that one day we'll beat the cancer completely, I hope they find it soon before I get cancer

  31. I want to know more about it.Can someone help me?Because my grandmother is also suffering from cancer.So if you know about it please share with me

  32. But cancer cells must give off some kind of chemical symbol and if we can create a cell that detects that symbol and destroys were it comes from and then inject the cells into the body it might just kill it and in combination with other treatments it could work

  33. I think cancer will be all but cured one day. Because there are multiple different types of cancer, with differing characteristics, a 'silver bullet' cure is probably unlikely, but as understanding grows around the genetic characteristics of the disease, treatments will become highly effective, producing ever improving outcomes for patients. Some cancers are already 'curable' Some forms of Lymphoma can be very successfully treated leading to actual cure. Testicular cancer has around a 95% cure rate, even at later stages. Outcomes for bowl cancer and some types of breast cancer are also much better than they were just 15-20 years ago, so progress is being made. I believe we'll see a time when many cancers be completely cure, and other kept under control with ongoing medication, with minimal impact on ones quality of life. There are some brilliant minds out there, and they are working to beat this. There is no big conspiracy to surpress a cure. There would be no value in doing so, economic or otherwise.

  34. I'm 24 with chronic gastric almost 2 year with this , if I got stomach cancer someday I wish I did fast I don't want my parents to suffer and the medication is expensive , I wish they find cure for this soon

  35. Both radiation and chemotherapy cause cancer so why are these two treatments advocated? Cancer thrives on SUGAR and a compromised immune system.
    I can't believe that in the 21st century a cure hasn't yet been found. Of course, it wouldn't be in the interest of the pharmaceutical industry to reveal such a cure, anyway….go figure…🙄

  36. This was so elementary I learned nothing nEw. Why do they never show what it looks lke?
    It makes lumps but what is Under and in??!

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