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– How do you know if
that pain you’re having is coming from your ear or your TMJ? Well in this video, I’m
gonna discuss the potential causes of that pain and
what you can do about it. Coming up. Hi guys, Cliff Olsen. Doctor of audiology and founder of applied hearing solutions
in Anthem, Arizona. And on this channel, I cover a bunch of hearing
related information to help make you a
better informed consumer. So if you’re into that, consider hitting the subscribe button. One thing you probably
don’t know about me is that I actually used to be a massage therapist. When I was going through
my undergraduate studies at Lindenwood University,
I actually got my massage license beforehand and started up my own massage clinic
so I had something to do while going through school. And I actually ended up
building up a pretty decent size clinic, and I would
focus mostly on medical or sports related issues. One thing people would often come in with would be jaw pain or TMJ dysfunction. And massage therapy is
actually a really effective method of treatment for TMJ dysfunction. But, one thing I noticed
a lot was people would come in for this jaw pain,
and it actually ended up not being jaw pain at all. And so I would end up
referring them to an ear, nose, and throat specialist
in order to identify if it’s actually an ear
problem or a jaw problem. Now obviously the ear and
the tempura mandibular joint are closely located, so
it’s really hard to identify which one is actually causing the pain. Problems with any one of
them can actually refer pain to the other area, so
identifying this pain can be very difficult. Now often if this is a TMJ
issue, it’s likely caused by the masseter muscle
being too tight on the particular side that
you’re having the pain on. And this masseter muscle
can become tight for a variety of different reasons. Maybe you’re clenching
your jaw, maybe you’re chewing on gum on that side exclusively. Or maybe you have a dental
misalignment problem. And in some cases, it can
even be arthritis, which can accentuate the problems as well. Now if this pain is coming
from the ear, it can actually be a little bit more serious. Things like impacted ear
wax, or negative middle ear pressure from an ear
infection, or swimmers ear. Which is also known as otitis externa. But even more seriously, you
could have cholesteatoma, which is actually the
growth of epithelial cells in your ear canal or your
middle ear space that can actually really
wreak havoc on your ear. And all of these situations
can cause pain that you might associate to jaw pain. Now if the cause of this
pain is actually your ear, it can actually lead to
issues like tinnitus, which is that ringing and buzzing
sound that you might hear. And the stress associated
with either the TMJ pain or the ear pain can actually
make tinnitus worse. Or make you perceive it
worse than it actually is. And so until you get the
problem corrected, it’s likely that this tinnitus issue,
if you’re having it, will be perceived as more severe. Now pain is pain. So how do you actually
identify if this pain is being caused by your ear,
or being caused by your TMJ? Well the first step that
you should really be taking is going in to see an ear,
nose, and throat specialist otherwise known as an
otorhinolaryngologist. Together with an audiologist,
they can test your hearing and use observation to
identify if it’s actually an ear problem or not. If it is an ear problem,
they’ll be able to start on the treatment, the
appropriate treatment sooner. In some of the more
serious cases, like if it’s cholesteatoma, that
cholesteatoma surgery can be scheduled sooner rather than later. Now if ear related issues are ruled out, that’s really good news. That means it’s likely TMJ dysfunction. And like I said before, as
a massage therapist, the majority of causes of
TMJ dysfunction is an imbalance in the masseter
muscles with one being too tight, and the other side
being a little too loose. I’m gonna give you a simple
little self massage technique that you can use to help
relieve some of that jaw pain. What you’ll do is you’ll
take your thumbs, push in on your masseter muscles,
and push them down. What this does is it
stretches out both sides and actually aligns it a little bit better. If the side that you’re
having the pain on has a knot in there or you feel like
it’s excessively tight, you can actually take and do what’s called cross fiber friction and
go back and forth sideways on the muscle, and then
when you’re done doing that, you’re gonna wanna push in
and stretch it down again. You always wanna make sure
that you’re keeping both of those muscles the same length. And so you do wanna treat
both sides, not just the side that you’re having pain on. Another thing that you can
do is actually push in on that masseter muscle while
you’re clenching your jaw. That helps loosen the muscle
up and then again, when you’re done doing that,
you wanna let your jaw go relaxed and stretch those
muscles down on both sides. Now self massage is great,
but often going to a licensed massage therapist is even better. They have more techniques
that they can use, and they can do it much better
likely than you can yourself. But if you end up going
to a massage therapist and you’re doing self massage,
and you’re not seeing any improvement after a
month or two, then it’s probably time to go see
your dentist and see if there’s some kind of dental issue there. And to see if there needs to
be some kind of realignment done with that. I wanna make sure that you
understand that the first thing you should be doing
is getting any kind of ear problems ruled out. And this means going to an ear,
nose, and throat specialist that has an audiologist
so they can rule out any kind of ear related issue. Once that’s ruled out, then
you can focus primarily on the TMJ, which is the
likely cause if it’s not being caused by the ear. And this would include going
to a massage therapist, and doing the self massage
technique that I taught you a little bit earlier. If that’s not helping after
a month of two, then you should really be going in
to see your dentist to see if it’s an actual dental issue
that’s causing the problem. That’s it for this video. If you have any questions,
leave them in the comment section below. If you like the video, go
ahead and give it a thumbs up. And if you wanna see more
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89 thoughts on “What is Causing Your TMJ Ear Pain? – Diagnose and Treat – Ear Problems

  1. Thank you so much for making my requested video! I am trying out the self-massage techniques and I already feel instant tension relief. These are different self-massages that I didn't see in other videos. I already saw a ENT when this first started in 2012 and they ruled out an ear issue. So I think I need to see a professional physical therapist thank you for helping clear the confusion of what to do/who to go to. I wish I knew this back in 2012 when it originally started, so i'm sure you will help people who just started experiencing TMJ pains. Mine gets so bad these days that sometimes my ear closes up completely for a full day due to TMJ pressure. Chris P

  2. sir actually i got fight and i got hert on left jaw exactly near ear before 4 years ago so till now i feel tmj pain and when i see my face closely my left jaw looks lill bit big in size than right one idk what to do plz help me

  3. I can’t sleep at night it’s so god damn hard I’ve had this for at least 4 days it’s the most painful thing I’ve ever experienced

  4. Hello, I'm trying to figure out what on earth is going on with me. About almost a week ago, both of my ears were starting to hurt unexpectedly so I went to a health clinic. There is nothing noticeablly wrong with my ears; looking at them with the naked eye. No redness, swelling, discharge etc. So the doctor said that it was an infection of the outer ear & prescribed me with an ear drop & some ibuprofen. But nothing is helping & the pain in my ears have gotten severely WORSE! Then just yesterday, all of a sudden the right side of my jaw started hurting & locking up on me & now I can't open my mouth very wide without being in excruciating pain… I have no clue what's going on & it's really starting to scare me. I can't even lay on either side of my face due to the severe pain in my ears. Gonna go see my primary doc & see if she can refer me to an ears, nose & throat doctor. Can you or someone in the comments maybe help me out at all? Like, does any of my symptoms sound familiar?

  5. Aloha,
    I went to the doctor about 2 days ago and he told me I have TMJ. He prescribe me some ear drops and nasal spray, ibuprofen. It's only been 1 day I started to take the ear drops and it's worse then it was. I feel my ear is clog and it hurts so bad.

  6. PLEASE HELP Im getting various Ear related symptoms clogging of Right Ear and Imbalance Vertigo and more Tinitus and Ringing ENT Cant find anything!! and TMJ has been ruled out what do I do next? what is causing these problems would it be associated with the Neck? I do get allot of Stiff Neck so perhaps that is affecting the Ear? I also get Vestibular Migraine so is my current problem associated with this? I have seen 10 ENT Consultants and I have been seen by 5 Hospitals and Neurologists and NeuroTologist NO BODY HAS ANSWERS!!!! PLEASE HELP ME!! THANKS!

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  8. Thanks for sharing this very helpful video. I've been to 10 doctors for ear issues (fullness, tinnitus, pressure) and none of them has been able to find anything wrong. Last ENT suspects it might be TMJ related. Also, I'm having an issue where something in my left ear rattles/vibrates in response to certain sounds especially cymbal like sound. My ENT doctors seem to play it down. Any idea what this might be? Your advice would be greatly appreciated.

  9. Idk what’s causing this pain just 2 days ago I was fine and all the sudden when I woke up yesterday morning this pain showed up out of nowhere on the left side of my face but I was sleeping on my right side of my face can this be caused by sleeping in a bad position?

  10. Omg literally cant bite an apple and all fay my jaw has been hurting so much and i tried thte massage thing and i feel better i hope it stays like thrus

  11. My ENT has said I have TMJ dysfunction, but I'm not sure. I have loud tinnitus, louder in my right ear but present in both, ear pain in my right, fullness in my right, and sometimes my right ear says it doesn't want to hear anymore and everything sounds like I'm in a fishbowl for a few minutes. Usually when that happens, I get dizzy and disoriented and have to sit down before I fall over.
    My jaw doesn't really hurt very often, usually only when I get my braces tightened, but these ear problems and dizziness persist no matter what. My jaw is a bit uneven, and it clicks on the left side, but it opens all the way.
    Does this sound like it could be TMJ? Or do I need to see a different ENT?

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  13. hey my name is stan, i am your favorite fan. but no really when i breathe,air pressure…like im breathing through my ears (as funny as it sounds its the way i live my every day life)

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  16. Iv had this for manys yrs unfortunately my doctor couldn't find the problem till good old Google helped me.
    I have no hearing in this ear.
    I dont know what to now 😫

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  22. For years I have been having earaches every so often. Two days ago I was having dreadful earache, I thought. I did your massage and I now don’t have an ear pain. About 30 years ago I was accidentally knocked in a swimming pool in the jaw which I had forgotten about. So thank you so very much for this video as it has stopped my pain.

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