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yes well you know today one of the biggest problems you’re probably going to face is that three hundred or three out of every four people in industrialized nations right now are taking some kind of drug for depression so can you talk to them a little bit about that the handling and depression through the use of meditation depression is easy to let go of it’s not a big deal at all what is depression a painful feeling arises I don’t like that painful feeling I have thoughts about that painful feeling and my habit is every time this feeling arises I always attack it that way the more you think about the feeling the bigger and more intense the feeling becomes until finally you say oh I just can’t stand this I gotta go to the doctor and get some drugs and he gives you something that knocks you out so you can’t even act like a real person anymore as you start recognizing the importance of smiling into things and laughing the laughter stops the thinking about now your perspective is different it doesn’t take very long to overcome depression it takes a while because you have to practice your smiling and these thoughts because of this painful feeling they they’re quite often very similar coming up over and over and over again you have repeat thoughts quite often with depression I hate this feeling when it’s there I wish it would stop I want it to go away III who’s the who’s feeling is it did you say you know I haven’t been depressed this week I think it’s time for me to do it I’m gonna get depressed nobody is stupid enough to do that so what you do is recognize that your mind is trying to control a feeling let go of the thoughts and relax see that tight mental fist that’s a painful feeling yeah it’s a painful feeling that’s the truth and it’s okay for that painful feeling to be there it has to be it’s the truth allow the truth to be there it’s only a feeling I told you a little while ago I used to walk through the forest barefooted and at night and I kick a rock and I’d break the toe that’s painful and as soon as it happened there was the shock there was the pain there was the dislike right on top of that and right after that I started noticing that I was throwing my anger and my hatred into my toe and my toe is crying out saying don’t hate me love me that’s what I want right now so instead of getting into my anger for doing it I start sending love into that spot and before long pain pretty much goes away I might limp around for a little bit and in a day or two days I forget that I even did it it’s nothing it doesn’t matter whether it’s physical pain or mental pain it all happens in the same way painful feeling arises what you do with what arises in the present moment dictates what happens in the future you see that painful feeling that tightness that happens around that painful feeling and then all of the thoughts about that painful feeling and your habitual tendency and I always treat this feeling in the same way well after a few years you should start learning that that don’t work don’t do that technique so what to do different well let go of the thoughts and relax allow the space for that painful feeling to be there when I when I broke the toe it was real it was pain and it was there and it was okay for it to be there it had to be okay because it was a truth allow the space for the truth to be there without trying to control it another example I have a silver tooth I was in Burma Dennis decided he was going to do me a favor clean my teeth then he broke it and then he says I’m gonna give you a root canal and I said fine but you don’t clean your needles I don’t want any AIDS so give me a root canal I don’t want any painkiller he did it he gave me a root canal I was sitting in the chair and my hands would get real white and all of my muscles would tense up and I look at that and I’d say oh look at that I saw the tension in my back the tension in my buttocks relax allow the space for that sensation to be there and I even had time to send the person causing me the pain loving and kind thoughts and after hours of his drilling which was only about 15 minutes he stopped and he started doing the other things that he had to do to my tooth and I started noticing that my mind was bright my mind was alert my mind was very happy not because the pain had stopped but my mind was very happy because it was so clear and in the present moment that was real pain and I have since come to this country and had to have another root canal and I did the same thing I don’t like drugs so the whole thing comes down to is it my pain or is it just a pain if it’s my pain I can’t allow them to do that if it’s just a pain it’s okay there’s no emergency in it there’s no tightening around it there’s no want to control it there’s only allowing the space for that sensation to be there because it’s the truth it’s there you do that with depression that feeling is there so it’s a feeling okay not my feeling I didn’t ask it to come up allow the space for that feeling to be there relax into it direct your mind to something wholesome smiley of course I’ve been talking about this for years but they finally heard it that pink pamphlet is exactly how to do meditation and that will lead you to all kinds of understanding and all kinds of insights that you never dreamed possible you

9 thoughts on “What is Depression?

  1. I have herd there are people, who are sexually aroused when feeling physical pain. They don't get randy in normal state of mind.

  2. I think if you just take care of yourself, let's say for your own "spirituality", and you are in a monastery or with people who take care of you…… it works. But with all the respect that this holy man can inspire and with all the respect that I can have for difference opinions, I would like to know what this sympathetic monk did for his family and community? Let's say for improving the life of all that are in the need? And works, for his own health? I spend sometime with gays repeating chants and mantras along the day, having wonderful "philosophical talks" and getting tree meals a day. It was "fantastic", no stress, no depression, no fear, no anger, just flying in this great atmosphere. But all these guys, didn't have children to feed, work to do (or to loose), tax responsibilities for the well being of the community. So I insist, this work, but go to tell war refugees or hungry people who has nothing for feeding their babies tonight all this great techniques…..

  3. Now I clearly understand. it isn't about asceticism, it's about "me ". Not my pain , only pain. We appreciate the lesson Bhante! Thank you from Brazil

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