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21 thoughts on “What Is Frozen Shoulder?

  1. Sir i, m suffering from frozen shoulder wht kind of treatment should i take? I'm rheumatoid patient plz do answer me plzplz

  2. Well narrated and very informative & valuable.

  3. Hi sir im severely suffering from this frozen shoulder.ijust could not lift anything,freely turn on my doctor advised if their is no relief,he said he gives sedation n turn my shoulder? After that u can be free he said.what is that treatment?can i go out for it?does this pain had end???😥 Pls diabetic,aged,41

  4. I would try massage therapy as a solution, a skilled therapist could ease the pain, and increase the mobility in the shoulder…all without surgery! Massage Therapy is a Medicine, one that feels great too!

  5. Hi.i am not able to understand whether this pain is frozen shoulder or herpes or just a sprain…the back of my left shoulder is paining severely or u can say the very left corner side of left shoulder…and If I touch it it doesn't's from inside….what should we do sir??

  6. Us gals do needlepoint and knitting. We hold our shoulders still in one place for hours. Nowadays we sit on a laptop in bed. Same thing. Good luck.

  7. I had this. Had the PT and injection and was scheduled for surgery…I did a home drywall job and after 3 hours of sanding with a pole my shoulder broke loose and I could lift it over my head. Pain subsided in a few days…canceled surgery. The sanding motion must have been better than all the physical therapy.

  8. Frozen shoulder caused after some injury or an accident. In Ayurveda, it is due to the accumulation of ama doshasn body. For this, we give Aamvantnak Churna along with Joint aid plus capsules in "Planet Ayurveda".

  9. I'm a man in my 50s. I've had it for 18 months. First 4 months I did nothing thinking it was an injury that would heal. When it didn't heal and got worse I saw doctor. Did PT for a few months. Painful because they make you force it past your comfortable range. A few times she put me in intense pain. I hated my therapist and called her my dominatrix. The more you do the PT exercises at home the better. Hard to do because you have to force it into the painful range in order to regain some range and you have to do this a few times a day to maintain it. After about 8 months since it started it was noticeably less painful and had more range. Today after 18 months the range is about 90%. Still hurts at extreme range but I rarely need to move in that range for any tasks. Not a big deal since it no longer prevents me from doing anything (lifting overhead, putting on a coat, etc.).

    I'd never heard of frozen shoulder until I was diagnosed with it.

  10. Sir i have pain in shoulder and between shoulder blades causing numbness in arms and hands loss of strength in my hands is this frozen shoulder

  11. Remarkable little information. Try like this: "If you have Frozen Shoulder then this, this and this hurts." Show Clearly, with demonstrations of the condition.

  12. 9 months of this now, torture! Had steroid injections, helped slightly over time but still frozen… This condition is no joke …

  13. My friend suffering from Frozen shoulder and was having
    extreme pain, stiffness in the shoulder was unable to move his shoulder. He
    consulted so many allopathic doctors but no improvement was there. One day he
    was surfing for the internet and got to know about Planet Ayurveda. He opened
    the site, online ordered "Frozen shoulder pack" and is still taking
    the medicines. He is happy with his improvement.

  14. My shoulder is killing me and I have a lido patch on it. I don't even know what I did, but I suspect it is from driving for a living? If anyone sees my comment and has suggestions on exercises or anything that I can do as a driver, please pleasseee let me know here in the comment 🙁
    It hurts to move it up and down and is a very sharp pain sometimes going down my arm and immediately I want to pull my arm back in pain when it happens

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