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Hello everyone. Welcome back to another edition
of Ask The ND, I’m Dr. Jeremy Wolf. There are many tools people use to help calm their
nerves. Some turn to yoga and meditation, while others look for supplements and herbs.
In this episode, I wanted to spend some time talking about an herb that has been used by
the Pacific island cultures for centuries, due to its calming and relaxing properties.
The herb I’m referring to is Piper methysticum, more commonly known as Kava Kava. Kava is
a perennial plant native to the Pacific island region. It belongs to the Piperaceae, or pepper,
family. The part of the plant most commonly used for medicinal purposes are the roots.
The natives of the Pacific islands would chew or grind the root of this plant to release
the Kavalactones, which are the active constituents of this plant. They would use it to counter
stress, enhance social situations, and for religious and ceremonial purposes. Let’s take
a closer look at some of the most common uses for Kava and how it functions in the body.
Here’s the rundown. The Kavalactones of this plant contribute to its antispasmodic, anxiolytic,
analgesic, and mild sedative effects. Kava’s calming and relaxing properties may make it
beneficial for a variety of conditions. research has concluded that Kava extract is superior
to placebo for symptomatic relief of anxiety. Therefore, it may be a short-term treatment
for anxiety. This plant also has an affinity for the genitourinary tract. It may help to
reduce pain associated with interstitial cystitis, urinary tract infections and prostatitis.
Lastly, other benefits of Kava may include improving vigilance, enhancing mood, memory
and mental alertness. Kava extracts are prepared as tinctures, teas, and also come in pill
or capsule form. When it comes to choosing a product, choose whatever form works best
for your routine. Lastly, you’ll want to pay attention to the percentage of kavalactones
contained in the product. Most supplements on the market are standardized to either thirty
or seventy percent of kavalactones. One study showed that a general daily dose of Kava extract,
ranging from 120-240mg, significantly reduced participants anxiety. In rare cases, severe
liver damage has been reported when taking this herb, so therefore it is contraindicated
if you have liver inflammation or liver damage. Make sure you talk to your doctor before starting
Kava. Kava is also cautioned in mothers who are breastfeeding and therefore should be
avoided. Thank you for watching another edition of Ask The ND. Make sure to subscribe to our
YouTube channel for weekly tips to help you on your journey towards happy wellness. From
all of us here at LuckyVitamin, spread the wellness!

23 thoughts on “What is Kava Kava? | Ask the ND with Dr. Jeremy Wolf

  1. Keep up the vids. Try to be more relaxed and come off as more genuine. Perhaps drink some kava before every vid? 🙂 You have the potential to become a serious channel! Youve earned a sub

  2. iv tried this a few times and really tried to be open to the fact that it hardly does a thing, but it does absalutly nothing at all accept for a sligh numb mouth.. i cant for the life of me figure out why everyone acts like its something nice… its hardly noticable at all even when i double or triple the dosages.. its a mystery why people claim its potent, even more of a joke when they falsly claim its Really nice. its very hard to even know your on the stuff. has to be the least active feeling there is, if you slipped this to someone they wouldnt even know they were on it. i really wish there was some truth to all the claims because i really wanted it to be true. but Kavas one of those things you could have sitting right in front of you while your completly bored and youd not even want to try it to attempt relieving stress because you know its not gunna do anything

  3. Kava actually made my anxiety worse! It only lasted for 30 minutes then when it wore off my anxiety would be even stronger than it was before. I don't recommend it at all for an anxiety treatment. Steer clear!

  4. im a MD family practitioner and when it comes to all those products it's better to have your doctor check your body condition and your daily _part one

  5. I have anxiety and drinking kava induced a state in me reminiscent of panic. So I actually felt anxiety drinking it.

  6. I read that kratom comes from the leaf of the kava plant and that when taken together they have added benefits. I have not been able to find kratom. Do you know where I could possibly obtain it?

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