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As your understanding of Ayurveda deepens, you may find yourself wondering what
are vata, pitta, and kapha doshas? Well, today we’re going to speak
specifically about pitta dosha– how to identify it in your
environment, yourself, and others, and how those observations can really
empower you to live a more balanced and healthy lifestyle. Everyone
knows a pitta person. They’re often at the front of the pack
and they’re passionately standing up for their beliefs. They’re
motivated, they’re ambitious, and they have a sharp intellect. They’re really known to get things done
and they can be kind of intense in their pursuit of that. Sound like
someone you know? Maybe it’s you! Pitta dosha’s intensity is sparked by
the fire element and their action by the water element. In Ayurveda, each dosha has a set of qualities that
give clues into someone’s physiological, emotional, and spiritual constitution.
When fire and water combine, they create steam, and this is part
of the penetrating heat of pitta. We can actually break these elements
down a little further. So fire is hot, mobile, light, and sharp,
and water is liquid and oily. If you look around you, you can witness
these qualities as reflections of pitta. This applies both
internally and externally. Hot bright summer days are a
good example of this. In fact, summer is known as pitta season and this
is the time of year you’re most likely to witness pitta imbalances
occurring in your body. In Ayurveda, like attracts like. That means
if you’re in pitta season, you’re eating pitta foods,
and doing pitta activities, you’re more likely to see those
qualities increase internally. A good example of this is when you
spend a whole day outside in the sun, you get a sunburn, or when you start
sweating after eating a spicy chili. In fact, spicy foods are
considered pitta increasing foods. Food is actually a pretty
big deal to pitta folks. They are the dosha that’s most likely
to get “hangry,” which is irritably hungry, and this is also important because
pitta is responsible for helping your digestion. It helps the metabolism of food and
also the metabolism of emotions, thoughts, and experiences. That’s because pitta plays
a huge role in digestion. It helps you metabolize your food. It
also helps you process your emotions, your experiences, and your
thoughts. When pitta is in balance, the mobile quality is what
helps this happen very quickly. Balanced pitta people have a keen
intellect, a strong motivation, and a natural capacity
for problem solving. When we can begin to identify
pitta dosha in and around us, we’re creating an opportunity to really
understand ourselves at a deeper level. This helps us establish
balance. And so in Ayurveda, when like attracts like, the
opposite brings us into harmony. So on that hot, sunny summer day,
cool off with a dip in the pool, have a chilled glass of mint tea, and
don’t forget to slow down and relax. And if you find yourself often getting
hangry, try planning your meal times– that way you know when
food is going to happen. And try to have some pitta soothing snacks
on hand, such as an apple or a pear. If you’re curious about the rest
of the doshas, watch our video, “What Are the Doshas?” You
can click this link here. Our mission is to support your journey
to your greatest health and well-being. Subscribe to our channel
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tips. Thanks for watching!

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