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Toronto A world of diversity and home to
Canada’s top restaurants and hotels. At George Brown College learners become leaders in one of the most exciting hospitality and culinary landscapes in
the country. Make it happen. With access to state-of-the-art facilities your
potential is used to master the latest technology and our specialty cooking
baking bar and whine labs. Share your space. Expert faculty offer dynamic
education preparing future changemakers to
influence current trends in the culture food and business. The city is your classroom. Established professionals and mentors, share career expertise and training from around the world exchanging knowledge for experience an
inspiration for creativity. Be your best self. Discover community and an
environment that values expression and promotes individuality Launch your legacy. Partner with sustainable initiatives
that advocate for basic human needs and environmental protection Invest in you. Be on the cutting edge of innovation and take pride and the opportunities you
create from networking with our industry professionals in the field. George Brown College Lead the way.

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