Taking Charge of Your Health

We shouldn’t even eat the same because our genes differ and there’s no one, single diet that treats all. I’m so glad to hear you say that. People are unique. But we need everything. You don’t need just this or just that. You need everything. But some people will need more protein. Some people will need more fat. Some people will need more grains. Some people will need more salads. Some people will need more of everything. But organically grown as nature made it, not processed and changed. We’re the only animals in this planet who are intelligent enough to change our food and then stupid enough to eat it. Cooking is okay because you’re helping the digestive process. You break it down, and you can get more from cooking and fermenting. But to change it, to remove stuff doesn’t make sense. But anyway now I’m really getting worked up. What I do want to talk about is the difference between a herbal product and… Sorry, I’m smiling. Because you’re doing your best to keep to a topic and I’m going on a tangent. This is really, I like to keep it real. This is exactly what kind of conversation we’d be having if we weren’t being filmed. But I think it’s important looking at the management of a chronically stressed person, you would also look at remedies and natural products, as well as sleep, exercise, food and so on. So if we just touch on the natural options we’re aware of vitamins and minerals but I think there’s a confusion when we talk about herbals and homeopathy. Many people think it’s the same thing. Can you please just explain the difference. I’m going to explain it by using an analogy. You want to build a house. So, you have an architect and you’ve got plans. And you’ve got building materials and notices that you’ve pass on and telephoned and WhatsApp. So, your genetics would be the basic plan. And that’s another topic. What part of that plan gets read because you are not your genetics. Because you get information but you only read certain parts you don’t have to read the cancer gene, ever in your life even if you have it by the way. So, I see that as the genetics. Then you need a builder, a person, but he needs building blocks and the building blocks are the nutrients, the foods. But we need to tell each other what goes on. So you’ll write memos and send WhatsApps. The beauty with homeopathics is it’s just a little memo. It’s a nudge. It’s not a medicine. If you take that homeopathic remedy and you look into it, you won’t find any chemical just a message. And it’s on a quantum physics level where whatever message you want to send, you use the herb that causes the illness that you’re treating if you give it in overdose. You use that in a homeopathic strength. That means it’s been diluted to the point where there’s no chemical left, just the image or the message of that has been imprinted onto the water molecule. Water is just the most unbelievable molecule. That’s another topic. So, it’s just a nudge. It’s just a memo. It’s just information. And then the French scientist proved the memory of water exists. And the homeopathic principle is not only treat like-with-like but a medium that carries a memory of an imprint. It’s like a photo of your mom. If I show you the photo, it’s not your mom but you’ll immediately know who it is. You’ve got a beautiful mom, I must say. Where do you get all these beautiful models?

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