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25 thoughts on “What is the difference?Jim Acosta BLOWS UP at Trump for Treating Puerto Rico and Florida Differently

  1. We know what the damn difference is. He does not care about brown and black people. Anybody who can't see that chooses no to. Get this clown outta office please.

  2. Trump you caused all the problems our farmers and no one else. You are a problem. Why is trump msking a deal with.the taliban government
    He.ia focus on.the hurricane. Bullshit
    Trump did not want to go to Poland. trump id a racist. That is wjhy?

  3. The very fact this man in the White House wants to block funding/support/etc to the Ukraine despite the fact that Russia continues to aggress in Ukraine and Crimea is further evidence this "president" is corrupted in some way [no doubt financially] to Putin … furthering the need to impeach and convict.

  4. Ooops…! Spent all the allocated money on the imaginary wall..! 😂 YOU’RE ON YOUR OWN FLORIDA.. trump said so..! lol 😂
    Stuff a NUKE down its throat Trump..! HahhahahahahahHa

  5. This fucking clown!! I think WE ALL ARE TIRED, EXHAUSTED AND PISSED OFF with this idiot's so called administration and stupidity!!! Can't wait to be back to the real USA and to change the channel from this unrated reality show!!!

  6. This president is crazy, selfish, ridiculous trade war, everything he made decision is bullshit! Such a liar and spy!

  7. F FFFF America how stupid are you really really Yet another hurricane, on top of all the other climate related disasters in the last 2 years alone. The Greenland ice melt is 12.5 billion tons and 50 years ahead of projections the Amazon is burning  and what F does your government do. You beloved leader lies about not showing up for the G7 climate meeting last week, contributes zero  $ to the millions the other G7 nations offered to help the Amazon, wants to roll back Obama era restrictions on oil and gas methane, has plans to open US forests to logging drilling and mining. American you deserve every f in natural disaster you get including the unnatural ones like Trump.

  8. God literally directed hurricane Dorian around Puerto Rico and straight into Trump's 7 plus properties nobody seems to wanna acknowledge that fact.

  9. It Amazes Me How This Man Dumps On 1 Nationality Then Another & Another Then Ridicules Another.. Does A Abt Face To See Hw Things Go In Florida & Georgia.. Heyyyyy There's More Than 1 Nationality Here Too..👀💯

  10. Trump gotta worry about his property in west palm. Ha that's what he gets for being bad mind. I knew it was headed directly there

  11. President D. Trump is an absolute disaster for America and for the world! A disgrace.
    Everything he says is disgusting. Do not elect him on 2020. Otherwise it will be catastrophic!

  12. See God batter properties belonging to this self-styled “Chosen one”, just when he was busy rejoicing at the misfortune of the people of Puerto Rico. Can someone implore him to get set to jump in front of the hurricane as he once said he would confront a shooter!

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