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Now this may be a little controversial
as I’m going to explain this. I have patients who come in and inquire about
zirconium implants. I have placed zirconia implants and they work okay.
They cost three times as much and they are, they take longer to integrate and
there are much much more limitation to how they can be restored that said there
is no reason to go for that, I’m not saying they don’t work but there is no
advantage in using the zirconium implants. The disadvantages are plenty
though; cost taking longer and more limitation in their restoration there
are some dentists in the country that are promoting these zirconia implants and
in my opinion, they are practicing charlatanism. Those dentists that are
recommending zirconia implants for the reason that the titanium is harmful and
the titanium can corrode let’s say are practicing charlatanism. Titanium is not
harmful like someone wants to use the zirconium for personal you know belief or
personal taste that’s okay but a dentist, a professional who advises his patients
that titanium is harmful therefore puts the patient through the
extra expense and hassle of a zirconium implant in my opinion is a charlatan. Now I
know this is controversial and if you are one of those you know ten thousands
of dentists who are recommending it I’m sorry but that is my opinion that that
that is not true titanium is not harmful and you know I say this with somewhat of
anger also because I’ve had patients coming
to me with well-functioning titanium implants that have been advised by those
so-called holistic dentist that their functional titanium implant be removed
because it’s causing them autism or is causing them kinds of new diseases that
has nothing to do with the titanium implants in other words they are
subjecting the patient to large amounts of huge amounts of trauma or surgery
expense for something that has absolutely no scientific basis, that is
charlatanism and if you’re a patient listening to this please stay away from
those. Dentistry is a surgical science there is no holistic dentistry okay then
– now there are conservative dentistry.
Dentists out their practices conservative dentistry and wants to be
as conservative as possible but it’s not like medicine that there is a allopathic
medicine and there is homeopathic medicine all that dentistry is a surgery
it’s DDS Doctor of Dental Surgery, okay? So anyone who says they’re holistic and
you know one more thing to watch for most of the people who are practicing
under the umbrella holistic dentistry, they’re not using a dental license for
them because the dental boards around the country have wised up to these
people and they’re hounded and taken the license, dental license, of these people away.
Most of these people are practicing under the umbrella of some osteopathic
license like Doctor of Osteopathy now they may have the degree DDS but they
cannot be practicing or they shouldn’t be practicing under their dental license
because the dentist who says for instance, they are like root canals are bad and
we have to take all the food comes out and titanium is bad you have to take all
the metal out and silver fillings are bad and they okay,
these statements have no scientific basis and dental boards will go after
these people and they usually have just the Osteopathy license or some other non
dentistry license that they are practicing.

11 thoughts on “What is the Truth about Titanium Dental Implant Problems? | Dr. Parsa Zadeh

  1. Some people have allergy to metals. I bet this guy has no problems with root canals being in the mouth either. But then again he does implants so maybe he would recommend taking them out. Most surgeons dont have the skills for zirconia as he said they are harder to work with.

  2. You sir are a LIAR! If you have a mental sensitivity, they WILL INFACT BE HARMFUL. ASK ME! I’ve had my titanium implants since the age of 6! I am now almost 32 with a shitload of issues! YOU NEED TO GET YOUR SHIT STRAIGHT! I WOULD KNOW BETTER THAN ANYONE IN THE WORLD! METAL IS TOXIC TO THE BODY PERIOD! NO MATTER HOW IT GETS INTO YOUR SYSTEM. IF IT BELONGED THERE GOD WOULD’VE CREATED US TO BE INDESTRUCTIBLE!! TITANIUM IMPLANTS HAVE TRACES OF NICKLE AND OTHER METALS DUE TO MANUFACTURING! One of the most ignorant videos I’ve ever seen on YouTube. SHAME ON YOU!!!!!!!!!!!

  3. I am a 67-year-old man, about two years ago, I injured my left foot, just walking, MRI reviled the cartilage between my bone plates degenerated, and as a result left me in severe pain of my foot that would not heal, Long story short, I had a titanium implant put into the top side of my foot next to the bones, with about ten screws holding it in place, it is about six In long, 5/8s of an inch wide, not thick at all, but I know it's there, that was in April 2018, it is Christmas day 2018, and it feels good to walk with no pain, and no ill effects from the titanium, only time will tell, but I would say my operation was a success.

  4. I read that zirconia implants don't work and easily fail, so what good are they? BTW I went to a holistic dentist and not only did she miss diagnosis my problems she charged me a fortune for her services.

    The Titanium SCAM

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