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Welcome back to the coach on campus
program at GNA University where we are with the hospitality students today
talking about the growth opportunities in the service sector are talking about
the challenges we’ve discussed multiple things we’ve discussed, how to succeed in
interviews, we’ve discussed communication skills and let us now move forward to
the next question… Good morning sir my name is Sahil Khullar and my
question is how to succeed in a hotel industry and what skills are required to succeed in the industry? Thank you! Sit down Sahil. I think this
question is common to a lot of the students here toady. What should I do?
What is the sort of skill set, the mind set I should develop to succeed not
only in the hotel industry. I’m going to expand the scope a little bit to how to
succeed in the service industry. With me on this? Because you never know where
you’re going to end up. You could start your own restaurant, your own cafe, you
could work for a catering company. You could be an entrepreneur, you could work for a restaurant, for a hotel, for a conference center, you could go into the
aviation industry for a cruise ship, you could work at the front desk, you could study other
subjects and grow into you’re doing a whole lot of other things so in the
service industry I am trying to capture the key essence of some of the things
from my own life and from the success of other people that I’ve observed in the
industry how they succeeded in this industry. And I have five very important
components for you, for this question which was common from all of the
students here at GNA university today. For the hotel school here. What should I
do that succeed in the hospitality and service industry. Number one: These are
all very simple things let me tell you. Very simple things which we don’t
practice and because we don’t practice we don’t get the results. You know how
life works? Sometimes the greatest wisdom lies in
the simplest things. We know it! You know those things because we don’t practice them, we don’t get the results. It’s
not very complicated. Success in this industry or in any industry, it’s not
have to be complicated. It’s all very simple things, why did you practice them? Problem with our generation is, we are so busy and
occupied with social media. What other people are doing. We are a distracted
generation. You’re looking at we’re gathering more information, we’re looking
at what other people are doing but we are not committing to going deep into
anything. Become the expert of something. Commit your life to something. You’re a
chef sir! How much efforts can you put in about learning about everything even the
flour that you use, the gluten content where it’s coming from, the moisture
content, where is the best products I can source from. What is the
exact procedure of this thing all. How will this taste, how will that taste. So unless
you go into deep into something you’ve got to become the master of something
and then only you will be able to go into a position where and now you’re
able to offer your expertise. First point, very simple: Develop a healthy
sense of pride and passion in your chosen profession. Well up a healthy
sense of pride and passion in your chosen profession. Problem with India, the particular is we have not always kept in high esteem
professions in which we need to make up with hands dirty. Yes or no? Some people have ashamed of getting their hands dirty. I personally know people who will qualify to be chefs. Who study to be chefs but then they
decided oh this is not the sort of job I want. I would rather prefer a job which
has a better perception which means I wear a suit and tie and I am an
accountant at the firm. They would rather be an accountant, not been a chef. But if
you want to succeed in this industry; Develop a healthy sense of pride and
passion. Okay? When I was a restaurant manager in my early years, in the
early part of my career. I had some Stewards who were working with me.
Trainee Stewards! Very good families, very good Hotel schools. That’s the first job
right! If you’re in the service food and beverage service. Get to be a trainee Stewards. Many of them had not told their families that they’re working as
stewards in restaurants. So I had like a few of my Stewards run to the back area one
day. I said what happened? Sir my relative from my that person who lives
in my city has come is visiting is just enter the door so I can’t face him like.
You’re one of them? My viewers if you’re in the service industry and you
feel ashamed of doing what you’re doing. Its success. You have to be comfortable with this and you’ve to take pride in doing this. Pride in your appearance, pride in the fact that you are serving, you’re adding value. Take pride in your profession. A healthy sense of pride, self-respect and passion. Act one of the world’s premier hotel companies. The
organization called Ritz-Carlton. Ritz-Carlton credo is: We are ladies and
gentlemen serving ladies and gentleman. Whats is the credo? We are ladies and gentlemen serving ladies and gentlemen which means we are no less
than our guests. We choose to be in the professional service that’s what we do
best, that’s what the world knows us for. We are ladies and gentlemen and the
profession of serving ladies is gentleman. So you’ve got to have that sense of
passion and pride and love and respect. If you don’t respect what you do. Chances
are slim somebody else will. If you’re ashamed of yourself and your chosen
profession, don’t expect other people do it. If you don’t love and respect yourself.
Don’t expect other people to give you that privilege. It must come from within. If you’re
ashamed of telling your friends who are engineers or IT people or you know or
bureaucrats are doing government jobs or whatever that you work for a hotel. If
you’re ashamed of telling them that, sorry you have to change your attitude,
you have you change your outlook of how you are perceiving your profession. If you are in a frame of mind where you’re
thinking oh the hotel industry for me is something only temporary. I’m doing it
only for a few years and then I would like to move to a job
or do an MBA and do this. You’re wasting your time. This industrial demand from you the ability to do physical work. The ability
to be hands-on, the ability to take care of situations no matter what they are.
Right? And you have to demonstrate that ability. If you would rather be doing
something else. Do it please. Don’t waste your time in the hospitality industry because this
industry will demand or any service industry will demand a hundred percent
of your time of your effort and your skills. Leave in the dignity of Labor
and most importantly work every day the sense I work makes a difference. What’s the mantra
here believing that my work makes a difference. Take a deep breath in. Shake
someone’s hand on your right and left and remind them: Your work makes a
difference. You’re going to be a better chef. If you work with that mindset. Yes or no? But
my work makes a difference. If I make a good dish, the person whoever is ordered it,
he’s going to feel good. Right? Good food can change your emotions. Right? Good
service can change and make or break your day. You go to a restaurant, you get
good service, five-star service. You go into an airline you get five-star
service and change your emotions, it can change your day. You can feel better.
Right? So you’ve got to believe that I’m not in a useless dead-end job. My work
makes a difference and that attitude is what will take you to the next steps of
the ladder of growth of your industry. Right? This is a very very important
component to have. Work, believe in that dignity of Labor. I worked for a restaurant
chain in the UK which was run by a Punjabi family of Indian origin. Mr. Dhaliwal senior,
who’s I believe is passed away ever since
wonderful wonderful gentleman and I remember him one Saturday morning
outside his restaurant when the housekeeping staff had been turned up
with the sweeper to took the broom and is sweeping the outside
himself. Multi millionaire. Multi millionaire and so many restaurant
chains pick up the broom and they started cleaning outside himself. So what
happened is that all the housekeeping stopped they didn’t turn up today.
Somebody has to clean it. Those are the sort of people who will succeed in this
industry ones who are not ashamed. I go to number four now straight from one
to four. The ones who are not ashamed to roll up their sleeves. No matter if you’re
wearing a $2,000 suit. Roll up your sleeves and say okay we have a situation
here let’s handle it. This industry is for those sort of people. The one who say no no
no we will sit and we will wait and we will watch and we will write a memo
about it or we will create a video about it. This industry is not for you.
This industry is for people who have the ability to adapt. It’s going to demand
multiple skills from you. You will be a security person someday.
I’ve had situations as a food and beverage manager when I have to do the
job of the security person also because the hotel does not have full-time
security staff. One of my bartenders who are being abused by a drunk customer.
Physically threatened but step into that situation and take care of your team.
You’ve got to do what it takes to take care of the situation.
Therefore adaptability! You’re someone who’s linear. Thinking step A
step B step C, let me open the manual and see what the manual says. You’re someone
who can roll up your sleeves, you’re flexible, you can adapt, you’re creative, you can
jump from one situation to another. You can reinvent. It’s definitely because
they’re entrepreneurs. I remember Sahil. You post that question about entrepreneurs
Entrepreneurs you’ll have to be your own accountant folks. You have to manage your
cash flow also, you’ll have to do your own purchasing, you’ll have to do your
own quality checks, you are your own housekeeper at times. You’ve got to do 10
or 15 jobs. You are your own marketing department. You are your own
branding department. You’re doing so many jobs and then you are doing your
core thing which is the catering business. Well this is a key skill
to succeed in the service industry as an entrepreneur and as an profession is the
adaptability. We move to number two which is developing a service mindset or a
service DNA. What is it one of the key things of succeeding in this industry?
Developer! What mindset? Service minds. Also a service DNA.
It’s been 12 years I’ve moved from the hospitality industry that I’ve
been the motivational speaker a keynote speaker at a coach. But till date I put
on most suit in the morning and I’m standing in a hotel lobby anywhere
across the world. I don’t know it’s something in my body language. People
still come up to me and they think I work for the hotel. They will ask me for
directions; do you know where their conference is? Do you know where the
restrooms are? Do you know which floor the bar is on? Do you know what time the gym
opens and I’m looking at me. Am I wearing a nametag for this hotel
am I wearing the nametag of this property. I’m not. But there is something that
was become a part of my professional DNA. One question which is called how can I help you?
What’s the question? How can I help! In my nine years in the hospitality industry,
this question served me well. Single question how can I help you. In my 12 years as a
motivational speaker this question has served me very well. Same question,
different professions. Okay! Still before I go onstage, I asked my audience in my mind:
How can I help this audience, how can I help you. It’s now on a stage earlier
used to be in a hotel lobby. Right? The platform has changed, the driving force
remains the same. If you develop a service mindset; How can I make life
easier for my customers? How can I make sure they have a pleasant experience.
They come to eat food in my restaurant and if I’m a caterer when they are
having that conference or whatever they’re doing. If I’m a housekeeper. You
know how can I make life easier, beautiful. If you love to serve, if you love to make other people feel better, if you find joy in serving other
people. This industry will take your blesses. This is really really important. At the same time, so I’m skipping them all over the
place. Bear with me! There are no sequences in these points. At the same time you also
have to develop an entrepreneurial mindset. What is it? Entrepreneurial minds.
Which means think like a businessperson. Even if you are in a job,
think like a business owner. But no matter I have a service
mindset but I also got to take care of things like my cash flow. I also have to take care of my costing. I
also have to take care of how long things are staying with me, cycle. So
I’m not tying up too much things in the inventory. I also have to think of things
like projections, how much food we’re going to sell or next day, how many rooms
we’re going to sell. Revenue optimization other things. So along
with the service mindset if you go to this thing which is what? Number five is
entrepreneurial mindset which means what? Learn to think like a business owner. I’m
working as steward in the restaurants. Okay? One situation is I
think oh I just get only paid 4,000 rupees/month. Why should I bother? I’m getting
four if I’m thinking from that perspective what my body language would
be like, casual right. I’m not too bothered. Next thing I’m thinking I own
this restaurant or some day I will own a restaurant like this. You certainly see a
change in my behavior? so no. Now thinking from a different perspective I’m
thinking like a business owner. Thinking this job today is the training
for me to be a business owner tomorrow. How can I cut costs, how can I save on
air conditioning, how can I market my products effectively, how can I get more
customers come in, how can I share this feedback online? Sir, would you go to one
of the websites where food feedback is there feedback about restaurants, it
could visor, zomato. Right? Maybe a Twago and others. Right?
So I had a good experience. Restaurant doesn’t say go get feedback but I say
sir would you go to TripAdvisor and do this? Right I’m thinking like what? Business horn non troppo come out of
this mindset of it’s only a job at the point if you think is only a job
any work from that perspective you’re going to be stuck in that thing for the
rest of your life and then you will blame your stars and you’ll blame the
industry no link from day one then they go into the industry
if this hotel would be built by my money what how would I like to work from that
perspective it’s very very important right and now but all at the same time
so this is how can I go the extra mile how can I make life easier for my
customers this is the service mindset so let’s cover the things let’s just wrap
up I have one thing left let’s wrap up what we talked about for succeeding in
the hospitality industry number one was healthy sense of pride and passion
number two was develop service mindset always thinking how can I make life
easier for my customers number three is what is left so let’s move on number
four roll up your sleeves and be flexible you
don’t have to go 1 2 3 4 5 in this industry you’ve got to be flexible okay
number five was developer entrepreneurial mindset which means
think like a businessperson think about cash flow think about revenue projection
think about revenue optimization think about branding think about marketing
think about all those things expand your horizon beyond the job you’re not just
an employee you’re a future entrepreneur you’re a
future job creator start thinking like this and now the
most important thing most important skill not only in the hotel industry but
any industry learn to initiate take a deep breath in please and say out loud I
will learn to initiate which means I will be proactive
initiate a conversation you’re working in a hotel lobby and you see somebody is
lost you go up to that person and say or can I help you are you looking for
something and I be of any assistance to you if you’re just standing there he is
looking around and after four or five five minutes that person has to come to
you and say you know where this conference is you’re not doing your job
and your job will be replaced with the computer tomorrow let me remind all my
viewers on YouTube as well and all of you as well if you’re standing there and
we can replace you with Sophia the robot yes no and the person will come to
Sophia the robot and say hey Sophia can you tell me voice recognition systems
they are world class these days huh hello Siri can you point me to the
conference room please and Siri will tell you where it is you first lie right
for two floors down and you will find the conference room on your left this is
what Siri will do this is what many hotel people do also if a human being is
there and say sir come let me show you the way it’s you sir go down this
elevator take your first ride and the conference room is on your left there
are two conferences downstairs one is for this company the other one is in
that company which company are you with sir today I’m with X company sir thank
you conference for X company is on the right
side the other one is on the left side this is human being yes or no machine
tell machine is not it’s going to stand there
if you’re the standing there you will be replaced with a machine mark my words
but if you’re being proactive if you are initiating you’re bringing in the human
element empathy fatigue if I would be in a 5-star Lobby I’m lost I want somebody
to help me asana and I extend that same privilege to my customers learn to be
proactive start in cotton if you see somebody in the having your is your
michelin-starred restaurant world famous you see one customer is a his come in
and he he doesn’t look too happy with the food machine will not detect this
maybe they will next thing is that the watch on the wrist is saying a message
did this customer doesn’t look very happy with their with the food that
might happen but for you as a chef for you as a restaurant manager you say you
go up to the signal that says introduce yourself that is initiative yes or no my
name is so-and-so and the restaurant manager how does your food experience
going so far did you enjoy your appetizers are you enjoying your main
course are you being looked after by our service team there’s something else I
can get for you what all the art of you ask questions to initiate a conversation
it’s really very important I call it the power of going the extra mile in the
Chinese philosophy they have a wonderful belief they say only when you go the
extra mile you become a free person leaving you or the extra mile will
become truly free or that you are a slave for the Chinese
you’ve been asked to take one to three steps in your job this is exactly what
you do you take one to three steps this quotation is saying you’re slim you take
step four Step five on your own or you’re free it’s nobody asked you big
step four and Step five put them on your own and you’re
operating from freedom you’re operating from freedom we’ll get a lot more in
return get this you are only restricting yourself to that thing you will be among
the millions of other people to vein diary beautifully said there is never
any traffic on the extra there is never any traffic on the extra mouth the extra
mile is never crowded know where the crowd is
you know where the crowd is behind the line of expectations they find the line
of minima like requirements the crowd is all there you crazy people decide to
cross that line and go few steps head on the wall we’ll never find traffic on
this why many people will do this out of thousand two people there’s no
competition Oh

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