Taking Charge of Your Health

But you can have one homeopathic remedy that’s very effective and you can have exactly the same name but does nothing. Why would that be? I suppose firstly the source would be important, then the rest of the materials that are used and the conditions under which it’s made. And I think that all of these practices and principles and then good manufacturing practices would come into play at that point. And then yes, I do think it can have a difference how the remedy is produced, you know if it’s man-made or made by machine. You know, sometimes remedies are made by filling a vial and then shaking it and then emptying the vial and then filling a vial again. You know, there are different methods that can be used. But I think, always with homeopathy if we’re ever unsure we go back to the ‘Organon’, which is what Hahnemann wrote. It’s a book detailing exactly his findings and how he developed this system of medicine. And we can always go back to that as a reference to see what we need to do and the manner in which it needs to be done.

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