Taking Charge of Your Health

Our tagline is better health through awareness, because that’s what I do with people is help them become more aware of their health. I was introduced to ZYTO from another practitioner and it was so simple compared to what I was doing. When someone comes in the first visit we take a quick history and then we put them right on the, the Hand Cradle because that’s, that gives me a lot more ways of asking more questions. —-We want to be a resource for a lot of different types of healthcare and, and a lot of information because there’s a lot of lack of information out there. This is where ZYTO comes into play, ’cause we can basically scan and look at a lot of different things and fill in the blanks. And we do this I think pretty effectively by using the programs ZYTO has and we will basically scan thousands of things. I’ve been a naturopath for over 25 years. For years I’ve used various forms of what we call EAV equipment, but it always required us to in some way touch the client. And when you touch the client it creates a degree of subjectivity. One of the things that really impressed me about the ZYTO equipment is it is a communication between the computer software and the client, so I’m totally out of the picture. And that creates a very objective relationship. I used to do electrodermal screening. It would take me 4 hours to do one patient. Now I can see numerous patients within that period of time. That helps our practice and that helps our patients. One of the things about the ZYTO equipment is that allows us a great deal of latitude where we can create programs that are suitable for us individually. —-And it keeps me on task and actually makes my sessions a little faster than they used to be. We’re always looking at the emotional part of it because nowadays, the emotional impact of life is, is huge. Before, a lot of the things we did were, ah, somewhat guesswork. We would go by the things that the client told us and then we’d try to match it up with things that we knew would work for that type of thing. But the thing about all of that is the client a lot of times was guessing, and they thought it was this but it wasn’t. —-And once you bring out, I have the EAV graph, you show them what you’re finding, then you can ask them some really intelligent questions. It’s been very effective. Matter of fact it’s been so effective I own 3 of the ZYTO units. Any practitioner out there that is looking for, for different things to do to improve their practice and to be a little different, this is something I think would be worthwhile to look at. ZYTO is a right now company and if you want to be a right now practitioner, you better get on board.

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