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Do you ever get upset when you hear a sound? This happens to me when I’m in a movie theater
and the person next to me is breathing heavily. I can’t get their breathing out of my head. It sounds like Darth Vader, with the volume
turned up, to MAX. I can’t get used to hearing their breathing,
it takes me out of the movie, and makes me want to force choke. It’s not just the person next to me making
the sounds that bugs me, but everyone else nearby who seems to be just fine with it. It makes me want to scream out, “isn’t someone
going to do something about this person breathing, it’s ruining the movie for all of us!!!“ This type of problem, intensely experience
certain sounds, followed by powerful emotions and distracting thoughts is called misophonia. We’re just now beginning to understand misophonia
as a unique neuropsychological condition and my friend Vanessa Hill over at BrainCraft
has a great overview of how it works. Here’s the bad news – misophonia is such
a new idea in the mental health community doesn’t have a clear definition for what
it is. There’s a big debate about what emotions
are involved in misophonia. That’s why we don’t have a diagnosis for
it yet and why there’s zero research on how to treat it. This is a problem because misophonia limits
the lives of people who experience it. Misophonia can turn everyday activities like
dinner with your family, interacting with coworkers, and even watching online videos
into torture. People who experience misophonia need relief
now, not 10 years in the future when research is available. Here’s the good news. We can draw on decades of cognitive behavioral
therapy research to identify some ways treatment might work. The first thing I want you to know is it’s
okay to avoid triggering sounds and to block them out. Remember misophonia is a biologically based
problem and sometimes the best way to deal with it is just to avoid situations that might
trigger it. That means using earplugs, creating white
noise, listening to music all in situations where you know misophonia is going to happen. For patients who are students I also write
accommodation letters so they can take tests and complete assignments in environments where
they’re less likely to experience misophonia triggers. But it’s impossible to avoid or block out
misophonia triggers all together. That’s where you need to understand the function
of your distress. What do you exactly experience when you’re
hearing triggering sounds? What is the feeling that comes up? Is it anxiety, anger, disgust, or something
else? Different treatments work for different emotions. If the sound makes you anxious, then exposure
therapy might help. In exposure you intentionally experience the
thing that makes you anxious until your body gets used to it. You start with easy exposures, get bored of
them, and then move up in difficulty. It’s the exact same process I showed you
in my bee phobia video. If I wanted to do exposure with breathing,
I could get a recording of it, play it on low volume far away from myself, and keep
listening to it until my anxiety goes down on it’s own. Then, I turn up the volume and move the sound
closer to me. But in my experience treating misophonia,
people rarely feel anxiety in response to sounds. They might get anxious about being in situations
where they’re likely to hear distressing sounds, like being on guard at a dinner table,
but when they hear a sound they’re more likely to get disgusted or angry. Exposure takes a lot longer for disgust and
it doesn’t work well for anger. In fact, exposure in these situations might
make misophonia worse. For these emotions, counter conditioning might
help. It’s a small variation on exposure therapy. In counter conditioning, we use something
that feels good to reduce to impact of the sound that feels bad. You could practice doing deep breathing, the
kind I show you in this video, have a relaxing cup of tea, or watch one of your favorite
shows. Then, every 30 seconds play a short clip of
distressing sound. Through practice, this could help you to build
up a tolerance for the sound. So far we’ve talked about ways of making
people less vulnerable to sounds. But there’s a lot you can do to cope with
the powerful emotions that misophonia can trigger. Distress tolerance skills can especially be
helpful if you’re dealing with anger. The myth about anger is you want to take it
out on something, like punching a pillow. But that doesn’t work, it just revs you
up and gets you more mad. The best ways to tolerate distressing emotions
like anger involve distraction. Doing things that temporarily take you away
from whatever is making you mad, reducing your chances of doing something you might
regret, and then helping you to return to the situation. Just remember the acronym Accepts. Find activities that can take your mind off
the anger. Organizing my desk always helps me, because
it’s always messy. Contribute to others. Texting something nice to a friend helps me
to take my mind off myself. Comparisons to someone else or another time
in your life can make this situation feel a bit more tolerable. Remembering that I am so much better at tolerating
the intense sounds of New York City’s subways now than when I moved here does make me feel
a little bit better. Engage opposite emotions. Listening to a soothing song, watching a funny
YouTube video, or looking at a cute photo of Mwaji quickly undo my anger. Temporarily push away the the situation. Either push away the thoughts in your head
or actually get up and remove yourself from the situation. In a movie theater, I could have gotten up
and picked a new seat or get a refund and watch the movie at another time. Create different thoughts. Sometimes paying attention to something else
in the environment, like counting the number of seats in a row of the movie theater can
be enough to reduce anger. Create new sensation. Chew some gum, hold an ice cube, smell a candle,
splash some water on your face – anything that shakes your nervous system into feeling
something different. The last, and what seems to be the most important
thing about treating misophonia seems to be finding ways of getting unstuck with your
thoughts. Misophonia creates very strong intense thoughts. Ideas that people are doing this on purpose
to harm you or there’s something wrong with you and that’s just not the case. Yes this is your problem but it’s a biologically
based problem. It’s not your fault that you’re experiencing
this. And if everyone heard sounds as intensely
as you did they would also get upset. When I’ve talked to people about this they
also tell me that it’s likely the person breathing doesn’t realize how loud they’re doing it
or that it’s impacting you in this way. To learn more about misophonia check out Vanessa
Hill’s awesome video. It’s really really good and I’m in the very
tail end. We talk about misophonia in a little bit more
detail. Also be sure to check out some of the resources
in the description below and I want to hear from you. How do you cope with distressing sounds? Let me know in the comments below!

100 thoughts on “What to do when you hate sounds (misophonia treatment)

  1. It all started with my brother when he got misophonia. Then, I "got" it as well. My parents always blame my brother for getting me "into" it as well. I think I have it more than my brother, he just imitates my parents chewing, but I just have a complete meltdown, there's nothing I can do to block everything out than music and my parents just don't understand that and make comments that immediately make me burst into sobs and such. My parents think I'm possessed and think Misophonia is stupid and unreal.What am I supposed to do

  2. I get a cringe when i hear young children screaming in public. It drives me nuts and I get really anxious. I also get a headache.

    I feel bad and sometimes guilty about my reaction because little kids cry and scream. It's what they do… but at the same time I have left stores and restaurants because of it.

    There are a few other sounds i have a hard time listening to. But the shrills and screaming is at the top of my list.

  3. A lot of people in my life chew loudly and make really annoying sounds like throat coughing and sneezing super loudly. I can’t tell most of them to stop doing it because they probably never realised they were doing it or it was affecting me, so i usually ‘take it out’ on my sister. Not in a physical way, but i get super mad when she eats with her mouth open so i usually tell her to ‘shut up already’, and then i get told off by my parents that i am being ‘verbally abusive’. Over time she realised that certain sounds make me mad so now most of the time she does it on purpose. Literally the other day she was chewing with her mouth open whilst i was in her room collecting my stuff that she took from me, and she started to chew with her mouth open. I told her “stop cause i need to concentrate on what i am doing or else im going to just have to leave because of your chewing” so she replied with “okay leave then, that was the whole point of me chewing”. I was literally so close to insulting her but im glad i just walked out of there, but i cant bare my life if nobody gets what im going through. I dont want to talk to my parents about this though my dad might have it aswell since he used to get super mad with me when i was a kid and i would be tapping my leg consistently or do other sounds aswell. I dont want for them to pay for anything and i dont want to tell them since im not the very closest to them either. I can try and attempt the at home methods and see how it might go but maybe some sort of advice or encouragement might help? i dont even know if i do have this, i havent been diagnosed and i actually thought i had some sort of anger issues that nobody talked about. Id like to also mention that i do sometimes insult my sister and thats why my parents are saying that i am being ‘verbally abusive’ .i do not intend on doing it, but its hard to avoid and i get so frustrated about it.

  4. Had this for as long as I can remember. Just found out today that there is a name for it and that I am not alone. I have coworkers that "slurp" their coffee, practically bight their utensil while eating, chew with their mouths open and it drives me nuts. I get angry and I never understood why. Thank goodness my boss allows us to have ear buds at work. Can't tell you how many movies I've walked out of because I could not tolerate listening to anyone chew popcorn or gum. If someone "cracks" their gum I feel almost violent. Those negative feelings vanish immediately when the person stops. Never understood why this happens but it has affected my life for far too many years. Wish there was a cure.

  5. Tl;dr: Breathing exercises, diverting my mind helped with my anxiety about bass sounds.

    I always liked being awake at night and sleeping in till late since childhood. I didn't realize till now that it was because I was trying to avoid all the noise around me.

    Around 4 yrs ago, at age 38, I got anxiety attacks at night, and I couldn't figure out what was happening. Suddenly I was hearing bass sound everywhere. Got a few tests done, but they were all normal. I thought I had a brain tumor.

    Later I started observing that I was having this reaction to bass sounds, which were playing far away. Even ppl with baritone voice would trigger my anxiety. Motorcycles with loud exhausts and echoes would also trigger my anxiety. Sometimes even the thought of people playing loud bass music would make me upset and I would avoid coming home till late when I was sure everyone was asleep.

    Last year I learnt some breathing exercises at a meditation session, and found that the anxiety went down a little. I also realized that when the anxiety attacks first started, I was under a lot of stress.

    So reducing stress helps with my condition. Hopefully some day there will be a permanent solution to this problem.

  6. My neighbor's children run around slamming and jumping all day. Do I have misophonia because it's driving me mad or is it just me?

  7. I HATE paper flicking/corner folding/rubbing the most, mouth sounds, breathing, snoring, scraping, and when people pronounce things wrong. These all make me extremely angry and I physically shake. I cry when I ask people to stop and they don't.

  8. I have misophonia very bad . It affects my life so much . I can never have dinner with my family . I can never sit next to anyone in a car because they breath heavily. Also if I go to a Cinema it's very hard for me and that's only a few things. My family say I'm always so angry like really really angry

  9. I was brought up to believe this was bad behaviour and not to make a fuss. Thank you for giving this a name – it's not just me.

  10. As i think i have misophonia but i didnt get serious i always trying to practise stay like a normal person.actually almost i can bcz i lived around 4 years in hostel with so many friends and they have many different attitudes

  11. my family chews loud i wanna leave but they wont let me and it always makes me annoyed and they make fun of me when i say your chewing too loud so i can never finish dinner

  12. So basically annoying noises and loud noises that are sensitive to some ears is also apart of it but sometimes if you like the sound of something you can listen to it on full vol the only thing is that it can make u feel weird so I’d rather listen to it on a small speaker but I can’t because other will here it for example when I Here loud chewing or smacking makes me feel angry and feel disgust when a noise plays that is sensitive to my ears can give you extreme anxiety start ur heart beating fast and u could probably start crying atleast this is what happens me

  13. i don’t have the phobia but like in a movie I swear if someone was in front of me in a scary movie and they was eating and if I didn’t get scared all I would do was scream on purpose and kick the chair infront of me

  14. I deal with it by playing loud music straight into my ears. Like really loud bc when it’s a regular volume, all my brain does is focus on the trigger noise and it seems to not get out of my head. So yea I play loud music. I don’t know how else to treat it.

  15. I would always rage and hit my brother if he eats or BREATHE very loudly, I hate when my dad or mom eat something and I just get 100% full stress.

  16. I think I have Misophonia. I can’t handle and absolutely freak the heck out if someone sniffles, clears their throat, or picks their fingers. And I don’t know if I have it because it’s only those three things so…..
    I also really can’t avoid it at all because I hear it in school and I know it happens there it’s been happening there for years and I can’t use earplugs or I’ll get in trouble.

  17. Am I the only one that when you hear the sound in a clip it doesn’t bother you but in real life it’s horrible?

  18. One time I had an important test, and the girl next to me ate an ENTIRE MEAL with her mouth wide open. Not only that but the girl behind me was thinking loudly. What does that mean? She was whispering to herself. Throughout the whole test. Luckily I passed but i was this close to just get up and leave

  19. Okay this is a late and long comment but I suffer with misophonia ridiculously bad. The sound of someone eating even if it’s with their mouth shut, the sound of someone breathing, the way someone’s shoe crunches on the gravel, the sound of a pen clicking or the noise your phone makes when it vibrates and the list goes on all trigger adverse reactions. I really struggle with visual triggers aswell such as someone shaking their leg, raising their foot, the way they clasp their hand or even the way their face is positioned, all trigger my misophonia/ misokinesia. I panic, I start to feel like I can’t breathe, I start to cry, to shake. I get angry, ridiculously angry. In all honesty I struggle, I really struggle. I can’t focus in class I can’t be around others so I isolate myself from both my friends and family. Although my parents know they still do trigger me and get annoyed when I bring it up. My relationship with my mother because of that is practically nonexistent. I wish that this would be gone and that someone could understand what I’m going through from a first hand experience not just because they sometimes get annoyed by someone eating. I want to start a group chat on Instagram for people so that they can talk to others suffering from the same thing so if you’ve got this far and would like to be added. Message me on Instagram @x_sophie.2119_X asking to be added and I’ll start one up ?

  20. Mine is anger.. I’m literally distracting myself by listening to this at work to take my mind off how mad I am that my co worker has acrylic nails and taps on her keyboard like she’s trying to kill a spider.. ugh I’d say it’s anger and desperation for people to stop making these noises. Definitely anxiety building up to moments I know will trigger me.

  21. someone chewing, breathing, sniffling, picking nails, dogs barking, baby’s crying, tapping fingers on a table, etc

  22. Im trying to sleep but the wind is so fucking loud sounds like someone is playing the flute I got school tomorrow I’m fucked

  23. All of my coworkers are from cultures on the other side of the world. They chew loudly and with their mouth open, and I have to do everything I can not to lose my cool. It honestly makes me want to commit assault because I can't focus on anything but the sound of their lips smacking and them chewing.

    The reason I bring up culture, is because I understand how different cultural societies and upbringings would make this a normal thing. Where eating in this manner is a positive thing. Because of that, I know that me getting on to them about it, understanding their culture, would be extremely rude on my part.

    Because of that I keep sound cancelling headphones at my desk. The moment they start eating, I turn on the music and plug in my headphones. I don't hear it, and I can remain productive while also not disturbing them.

  24. At first when only people chewed ice it bothered me but now I can't stand tapping chewing(even with mouth closed) the sound of whispering etc

  25. I get up from the table cuz if I hear someone chewing loudly i want to destroy things or beat the shit out of the person who does it

  26. One of the worst sounds for me is metal on metal. Dumping metal silverware into an empty metal sink is like nails on a chalkboard for me. I have to add water to it first, it doesn’t silent it but it does help a lot

  27. Lmaoo so comforting hearing fellow misophonia stories. Always thought it was just me, getting relatively irritated and tense when my mom smacks her lips when she eats her bagels lol. And then theres the ice chewing (which is hands down the worst) and then the occasional irritation at heavy sleep breathing.

  28. Thank you for this video! There is no doubt in my mind I have misophonia. I just recently learned about misophonia. I just thought I was over sensitive to different noises. Hearing people chew with their mouth open especially is a big one for me. The sound of liquid pouring into a glass makes me feel so disgusted. The sound of a motorcycle it's huge for me. It's so bad! I get so angry when I hear motorcycle and I don't understand why. It's so horrible. I think this video will help me now that I understand what it is. Thank you again! I was just reading another comment and I wanted to add that the sound of someone slurping coffee makes me want to hurt them. And bad! It's awful!

  29. I happen to have this problem. I also have OCD, I will make sure the same door is closed 6-7 times (in succession), I will stand over a tap repeatedly checking it even though I know it's off then walking away but then ending up going back to the tap to check a few more times and other similar things. I can't help but feel like these two issues are related

  30. So, I never thought I would talk about this cause I always thought I was the only one going psycho over sounds but…
    So, my dad is not very friendly when you point out something about him he considers it as disrespect, and he has a habit with his teeth that makes a really really loud noise that makes me go insane ! I can’t even describe the feeling it’s like there’s a lump in my throat and my eyes sting and I just want to cry I get extremely angry and it even gets to the point where I harm myself with my nails to distract myself, it’s so bad, no one knows just my mom and we both are afraid of my dad WE CANNOT TALK TO HIM ABOUT IT.
    It’s been about 7 or 8 years of hell for me I hate being around him just because of this matter
    I love my dad but sometimes I think about breaking his jaw with a hammer.
    I’m going to college soon and I can’t wait to stop this hell.

  31. at this rate will i ever be able to marry someone ?? I really feel lonely…i can't even be at peace when I'm eating with my family…i can't take this anymore!!

  32. I get this anger and disgust when I hear chewing, lip smacking, and swallowing. I want to scream, inflict harm, or run away from it just to relieve myself of how uncomfortable and disgusted I get.

    I usually politely request the person to not eat so loudly/move away from me. But lately, I’ve been snapping.

    Sometimes, I cry in my room after dinner just because I suppress myself the entire meal.

    I tend to have the most ease when I’m ripping up a napkin/ am distracted by rain/music or something.

    But if I cannot do these things and I cannot leave the room, then I tend to try to chew over them or I’ll eat fast enough to leave the table.

    What do you guys do?

  33. My misophonia causes me anger, but I feel like that anger comes from something deeper( and I think this might also be the case for other people). My dad is a loud chewer and always smacks his lips even when talking. It used to not annoy me as a child and even as a teenager, but as I got older it began bothering me slightly. As an adult I can't stand it anymore and I think is because as an adult I've had some hurtful arguments and disagreements with my dad that deeply hurt me and changed my view of him and our relationship. Its almost like my rage is a response to his actions in the past that hurt me, and because I havent healed the wounds and let go of the past misophonia became a coping mechanism for that pain.
    I think this is the case because no other family member annoys me at all.
    I don't know how to cure it but its driving me insane. I tried blocking the noise with cotton balls but it only made it worse as my ears became more suceptible to sound. I hate it because I'm always stressed, angry, and cant eat with my family anymore. My relationship with them has deteriorated and I feel lonelier than ever.

  34. I eat on the other side of my dinner table I can’t stand nail files and chalk it is the worst noise in the world ever since I was a child I’ve hated the noise of chalk and nail files I can’t remember a time where I didn’t hate it also squeaky shoes when it rains then someone walks on the school floor I want to throw those shoes across the room

  35. I just found out what it is, i just found out i have misophonia. NOW I CAN TELL MY FRIEND THAT AND MAKE HER SHUT HER MOUTH WHILE CHEWING BUBBLE GUM

  36. I have panic attacks because it has gotten so bad, I have had misophonia for years, and the version of misophonia I have is quite unique because the sound that bothers me is snoring… I tried doing a sort of exposure therapy and it seemed like it made it worse. It has gotten so bad that even when people are about to go to sleep or if they talk about sleep, I become anxious, even though there is no snoring sounds. Anyways, I hope anybody else who has misophonia doesn't have it as bad as me, and I hope it gets better for everybody. Also, loud breathing irritates me, too. Like he said, when I am at the movie theater, somebody will breath loudly and it pulls my focus away from the movie. I recommend trying meditation to become more calm, but I have just started meditating, so I can't confirm if it really works well for misophonia. Another thing I think may help is to write down what you are feeling at that moment of anxiety, disgust, angry, etc. so you can look back at it later. Something else that doesn't help with my misophonia is that I am a very emotional person so it seems like everything is multiplied and when I am in a panic attack, I think everybody is against me and I don't deserve anything that I have because I am "weird."

  37. I think i have it cause i hate eating with people i will just stare at them and hope i could hit them in the face , also i really hate water drops?? and whispers

  38. It's really weird because i love asmr and helps me calm down but when they suddenly do mouth sounds or gulp i freak out and ruins my mood it really bothers me, it makes me so angry. When I'm at school my friends always are with their nail files and i asked them not to do that noise when I'm there but they don't understand and keep doing it omg i really hate it, or hearing how people drink its horrible because it don't let me live comfortable with my surroundings

  39. Ahhh….i get it…there are these grain bins so close to our house and trains…they annoy me greatly…especially on a Saturday when you're trying to sleep in…thanks for the helpful video. Earplugs and white noise work a little for it. Lol

  40. i hate to be with people in a silent room, i wait in my room for my family to finish eating so that i can eat alone and i get extremely irritated and snappy when i hear something that i hate

  41. my mom once said that even before I started talking I was screaming when I hear metals touch (like utensils). And writing this right now even makes me angry and stressful. But when I actually hear it I yell in second to person who is causing it.

  42. Mine is someone rubbing fabric or rubbing their feet on the carpet it makes my life miserable and I can't stop for like a half hour people think Iam Crazy but it literally hurts my jaw

  43. It's happening right now!! My coworker at the desk next to me breathes super loud through her nose as she eats. I have headphones, but one of the earbuds is broke and I can hear it!! One of the many repetitive noises that drives me INSANE!!

  44. I have misophonia with many sounds but this is severe. I live with an autistic sister that makes a sharp sound that is not only annoying but really painful to hear. When anyone makes a sound I can't stand, I can tell them to stop and they are able to stop. I can't stop her because she's autistic, but every time she makes that sound, I break down and cry. It's really painful. I try to cope with it tho. I try staying as calm as possible.

  45. I can't even look at people chewing gum anymore. Even the smell of mint in air sends a fight or flight response up my spine.

  46. My dog has dementia and licks the floor constantly. It's so bad I can't be in the same room as her most of the time. I hate feeling so angry at my own dog for something she can't control!

  47. Music is my solution but sometimes I really don’t want to listen to it but I can’t not to my roommate is very nice but she is a sound producing machine so I listen to music all the time when I’m home I feel like crying I’m tired

  48. How do u deal with this when u react to beeping and sirens? They are literally everywhere and very hard to block.

  49. Ive developed triggers like the closing of hydro flasks and water bottles, the crinkling of snack packages, and the soft clearing of peoples throats. I am pretty sure these have all developed due to my family by chance.

  50. Do some people chew louder than others ? There are specific people in my life who I can hear their chewing and makes me freak out internally and other people I wont even notice it at all…

  51. Whenever I hear someone's chewing noises, I feel like my ears are being filled with bugs. And this makes me wanna kill that person with bare hands. So yeah it's anger for me.

  52. does anyone get triggered by a ringtone ( i don't have any ringtone and i play videos esp. on instagram and twitter without sound) or when someone plays a song next to you? these things trigger me i thought i going mad guess I'm not the only one

  53. when i was young i would always sleep in a hotel during new year's eve cause i can't stand the fire works like last 2016 i was crying soo much while my family and friend were playing with the fireworks and when an airplane is near our house i panic because i think that it might hit our house

  54. We've got birds in our roof and they keep making rustling sounds and knocking sounds.i get so mad.i want to smash my phone and break the wall .

  55. I hate the sound of my mom’s voice. I don’t hate my mom at all, but I cant help it, I can’t fucking stand when she speaks.

  56. at a certain point of my life my misophonia got very bad and my family started to notice. i threw tantrums alot and i got sick of hearing those noises. i started to isolate myself in my room and on weekends or holidays i wouldnt come out of my room until my family was not around. my mom wanted to help and suggested that i expose myself to those noises (more like forced me). i tried to hide my anger and was silent. i was very tense, i stared at the ground/table and held my breath. most of the times tears started to pour down my face, because i was struggling so hard to keep my anger at bay. as soon as someone talked to me i lashed out at him/her and one day one of my sisters said "if you don't have anything nice to say, dont say anything at all". i took that to heart and isolated myself and stopped talking completely. everytime i heard those noises, i felt a strong urge to break things and even severely injure the people around me. once i threatened my sisters with a knife when they were giggling and would'nt stop when i asked them to. my mom would'nt let me wear earplugs or take my plate of food to my room so i threatened her that i wouldnt eat so i would'nt have a reason to be around my family. i dreaded spending time with my family and had built up so much hatred toward them that i was convinced that they hated me aswell. i cried myself to sleep every night and one day i thought "if they don't want me around, then i can just disappear, right?" i wanted them to suffer the way i did, if not, even worse so i attempted suicide twice. My (now ex) boyfriend had "saved" my life by contacting my mom after i had blurted out my well thought out plans of my ending by mistake. my mom wanted to send me to 24/7 psychiatric surveillance but i refused. i talked to her and described how i felt this whole time and she hugged me and apologised and started to cry and i burst into tears and that day i told her "i love you" for the first time in a year. (this has MANY more aspects as to why i was in such depression, but i didnt want this comment to be any longer) and i still struggle with talking to people.

  57. guys. i have it too and i struggle with controlling my emotions in general. but guys. MEDITATE! IT HELPS! REALLY! DO IT EVERY EVENING BEFORE YOU SLEEP!! just tryin to help, have a nice day 🙂

  58. Sniffling and coughing really drives me mad sometimes in tests I can't focus and I have a bad grade because of it it's so frustrating

  59. i have undiagnosed misophonia which is triggered by my younger sister sniffing every 2 seconds and people eating with their mouth open. It is literally ruining my family life as when she makes the sounds I have severe panic attacks and no one understands they believe i’m in the wrong and i’m being a bully. The anxiety i feel is unexplainable and makes me want to kill my self. i really don’t know what to do because i can’t spend time with my sister anymore.

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