Taking Charge of Your Health

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9 thoughts on “What’s the Best Diet for Lyme Disease?

  1. you are so correct! But my food #1 are fruits – not veggies-unfortunately –and i think it is better to eat fruits happily, than veggies, because they are good for you.

  2. Thank you Dr Rawls.
    I have your book and have been treating lyme with LLD's here in Colorado for several years without much in the way of progress – I am currently a patient of Dr Kinderlehrer, whom you may know. Seems he has had a very similar experience as you, with the exception that his practice (at least with me) seems to focus quite heavily on allopathic principals, antibiotics.
    My gut is what I would say is destroyed, I have constant bloating and difficulty with regularity, relying on enemas to keep my system clear of toxic waste.

    I am vegetarian/vegan and yet my diet, good hydration and probiotic supplementation hasn't seemed to help.

    I worry that I'm doing more damage with ABX than any good – I mean if the ABX worked then shouldn't I feel better?

    I am not an 'average' case, with an MS diagnosis and undiagnosed (until a few years ago) chronic neurological Lyme/Chlamydia/Bartonella infections. I even tested positive for some bacteria known as 'something X' that my doctor knew about through study but had never had a patient actually test positive for.
    So chances are I am quite sick – I have been disabled for close to decade, unable to work due to chronic pain, fatigue and cognitive impairment.

    Quite a hopeless situation. 🙁

  3. Thank you, Dr. Rawls. I have read your book and am now viewing your videos. The information you're sharing is a blessing and your messages of hope are a relief.

  4. Dr. Rawls is different than many Dr's because he seems like he actually cares and wants you to be well. Thank you for all you do Sir. Just started your Lyme protocol.
    -Brian from Athens, Ohio.

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