Taking Charge of Your Health

I get a lot of enquiries regarding acne
and I’d just like to explain a little bit more about the homeopathic
process in treating someone who comes with problems with their skin.
So many people will ask me “what’s the best remedy I can
take for my acne?” But because there are over a
thousand possible remedies it all really depends on your needs. 
External eruptions of acne are really often a sign of an internal disorder and that’s why in Homeopathy we focus on treating
the whole person and getting to the root cause.
So if your acne is related to hormone imbalances, a sluggish digestive system or stress, we work on resolving these underlying
problems – which in turn will allow your body to restore natural order
and your skin to heal. So there’s “no one remedy” for acne as the cause isn’t the same for everyone.  Some possible causes include hormonal imbalances, overload of toxins, digestive issues, food allergies or nutritional deficiencies. During a consultation, we look at all these factors and we take them into consideration in deciding the
best remedy for you. If you’re struggling with your skin
and you’d like to know if I can help you, please feel free to book a 15 minute call and I’ll leave the link below.

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