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100 thoughts on “When You’re TOO OLD To Go Trick Or Treating! (ft. iiSuperwomanii)

  1. First of all, I’ve seen OLD PEOPLE. like actual beard, gray hair mans in costumes trick or treating. Why can’t adult have fun? In October, why do I see the adult section full of costumes, I’m so lucky I’m still young, and if your an adult now, trick or treating wasn’t much popular before, when you were young, so why aren’t people letting adults just have their fun? They didn’t have it much as a kid right?

  2. A person didnt give my sister candy on Halloween cuz she thought she was to old dood she was flipin 15

  3. 90% of the comments section:
    –LiLlY rObBeD heR oWn HoUsE bC of BAWSE NUTELLA JARS!
    –YoU ArE NEVER toO oLD tO gEt FREE CaNdY oN HaLlOwEen!
    –I lOoK yOuNgEr tHaN mY ACTUAL AGE sO I cAn gEt aWaY WiTh iT!

  4. I'm 16 and Icelandic, in Iceland we have 'ash day' where you dress up and trick or treat, it's like the Icelandic Halloween, I always trick or treat on ash day and Halloween. When I was like 14 people didn't wanna give me candy anymore so I found a solution, I go with my sister and her friends and say I'm babysitting, everyone's like 'aww that's so nice of you to babysit so they can go trick or treating' and I'm like 'yeah they weren't allowed to go alone' I've even gotten extra candy hehe

  5. I’m sorry but let me tell you something for all the people saying your too old to trick or treat
    Halloween is the only year were a girl can dress like a total slut and no go can say anything
    I definitely thought of that myself 😁😂

  6. I need a friend who has Rachel’s Halloween spirit

    Lilly: why do we need duct tape?
    Rachel: just in case we can’t grab all of it
    Lilly: oh good, thought we where gonna kidnap someone
    Rachel: let’s hope it doesn’t come to that

    No one messes with my candy

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