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Eric Bakker, naturopath, thanks for coming
back. Always appreciate people watching my videos. Going to talk about gut bacteria and weight
loss. So I’ve created some videos a while ago regarding
weight issues with people and weight loss regarding bacteria, and different types of
eating approaches and how they could affect your body size. So several people have asked me what type
of gut bacteria actually involved in losing weight. Well, it’s not that simple. It’s more complicated. Let’s look for example at fiber. Now we can’t digest fiber, but the bacteria
in our gut can digest the fiber. And they can really give us a lot of spinoff
from that digestive processes. They can actually give us a lot of nutrition,
like B vitamins and folate. And there are different nutrients produced
through this fermentation process, this breakdown process of the fiber that really power us
up. A study was done a while ago involving a group
of 62 people. I think I might’ve made a video about this
sometime ago. And in that group of 62 people, they gave
the people basically a larger amount of fiber to eat. Obviously they did stool testing on these
people before they did their study, and they found that there were certain types of people
who had higher amounts of bacteria called prevotella. Now the prevotella favor and like breaking
down, for example, fibers and resistant starches and foods like that. And the other group of bacteria they found
were called bacteroidetes. So bacteroidetes are favored in people’s digestive
systems who eat meat and fat. So if you’re a big keto person for example,
you probably have a higher bacteroidetes content in your gut than a prevotella content. Whereas the vegans will tend to go more for
the prevotella. Now the prevotella is linked with the weight
loss, more than the bacteroides. They found that in that group of 62 people,
the people who lost the most weight, in a period of time when they put them on a program,
regardless of exercise, just diet alone, was the prevotella group. They lost 5.1 pounds more than the bacteroidetes
group. So basically it’s not what you’re eating,
it’s what you’re digesting. And what that digestion process will do to
your body in terms of it’s a metabolic rate. So again this really proves the point that
eating large amounts of meat and fat is not necessarily going to give you a long term
benefit for your health is it? It’s also going to push your bacterial populations
into groups, which could really affect the way that the body ferments and digests food
down the track. I know the body can make energy from ketones,
from fat and protein, but I still don’t see this being a very healthy approach having
large amounts of protein in your diet. I still think it makes a lot of sense to eat
foods high in fiber, to really build up those bacterial populations and to keep your metabolic
rate high, and allow you to maintain a smaller body size. And that’s what it’s all about folks, the
smaller body size. But there are a lot of people happy with the
bigger body size. I don’t care if people are big or small. I care about their health, and I know plenty
of big patients that are in great shape, and I’ve got plenty of small patients that are
in a lousy shape. Anyway, that’s about it for this video. Click on the link if you want my free report,
in the description box. Otherwise I’ll catch up with you in the next
video. Thanks for tuning in and keep the questions
coming. Thank you.

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  1. Hi Erick,
    I have been doing the candida cleanse for 6 months,,! Using canxida remove and restore, while my skin outbreaks has gotten better, I am still experiencing a great deal of inflammation,! Do you have any suggestions.. Thank you

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