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“Which Type of Duct Tape
Is Best for Wart Removal?” In 1978, a new approach for the
treatment of warts was described, complete with compelling
before and after pictures. What was it?
The application of adhesive tape. This was put to the test head-to-head
in a trial of duct tape versus cryotherapy to resounding success.
Now though this was a randomized controlled study, it wasn’t
a double-blind study. Patients in the duct tape group
were instructed to remove all tape prior to making a return visit so the
nurses measuring the wart changes wouldn’t be biased
one way or the other. But remember, cryotherapy can
cause redness, skin discoloration, crusting and blisters, so the
nurses may have had an idea which kid was in which group and
maybe that could have biased them. So ideally there would be a double-blind
randomized controlled trial of duct tape for the treatment of common
warts, and here we go. Check it out: this is how
they disguised the duct tape, so no one knew
who was in each group. They used transparent duct tape
applied to the underside of moleskin, which is an opaque adhesive pad, and
the control group just got the moleskin without the duct tape underneath. So on the outside both
treatments looked the same, but half the warts were exposed to
duct tape and the other half were not. So if there was something special
about the duct tape adhesive, the duct tape group would triumph and
the straight moleskin group would fail. If there was nothing special about
duct tape and the remarkable success of that other study was just the act of
covering warts with anything sticky, then they would both triumph. But instead they both failed. They
both did no better than placebo. The first double-blind controlled trial
investigating duct tape for warts and it failed for treating
common warts in adults. Hmm, well, maybe
that was the problem? The subjects in the original duct tape
study were mostly kids, average age 9, whereas in this study
the average age was 54, and yeah, warts in younger populations
may be more amenable to treatment. So is it possible the reason duct
tape worked in the first study but not the second is that duct tape
only works in kids but not adults? Well, you’d have to repeat the same kind
of study, but this time with children. About 100 school children were randomized
to having duct tape applied to the wart, or a corn pad around
the wart as a placebo, so they both did something, but only
one had duct tape on their warts. They used that same clear duct
tape so they wouldn’t recognize it, and it looks nicer too. Six weeks later and
the duct tape failed. And that’s where the
medical community left it. If you look at recent reviews on whether
it’s better to burn them, freeze them, or duct tape them, they dismiss
duct tape as totally ineffective, which is totally understandable. No matter how good
some original results are, if you put the same thing to the
test in a bigger, better study and can’t replicate the results, then you have to assume that
the first study was just a fluke. But did they put the
same thing to the test? Maybe “adults” wasn’t the operative word
here and instead it was “transparent.” Clear duct tape is not duct tape. It turns out clear duct tape and moleskin
both contain an acrylic-based adhesive, whereas standard silver duct tape
contains a totally different rubber-based adhesive. It is likely that the success of traditional
duct tape is associated with the adhesive that comes in direct contact
with the wart during treatment. In fact, even more likely after the
two clear tape studies came out, showing that indeed it appears to
be something unique in duct tape, and not just merely the act of occlusion—
just covering it up doesn’t do it. And indeed, the latest addition to the
body of evidence found that similar 80% versus 60% duct tape over
cryotherapy, using real duct tape, but in this case sticking it
on with some superglue so the duct tape would stick better. In conclusion, odd as it
may sound, duct tape is a legitimate and often effective
treatment for common warts.

73 thoughts on “Which Type of Duct Tape Is Best for Wart Removal?

  1. 3:58: To the researchers out there, please use a serious, work-place related email address in your studies…

  2. I immediately suspected the use of clear duct tape and the use of mole skin as the failure of the test. I have never heard of clear duct tape and the addition of mole skin would present a barrier between the wart and the duct tape. I further suspect the people doing the study for changing the parameters of the test. If you want a repeatable result you have to do it exactly as it was first done.

  3. This channel is going down hill, people are waiting for videos about intermittent fasting and we’ve got to watch this crap, even Vegsource is calling out Gregers ability to interpret the data

  4. Wouldn't it be more accurate to say that the duct tape "adhesive" is what removes warts? Or is it the combined effect of the adhesive and the specific composition of the tape plus adhesive. Are all "duct tape" adhesives the same? Too many untested, or at least unknown, variables unless you specify 3M Gray Duct tape or some other.

  5. Duct tapes can be useful in shutting up the mouths of critics of Whole Foods Plant-Based lifestyle too.

  6. So….. 4 videos in, and you still won't say the manufacture or the brand name of the duct tape that is affective? There are 3 major adhesive manufactures…and I would never recommend using toxic or harmful glue/adhesive on anyones skin…unless I knew of the brand– or even the active ingredient…. that would affectively snuff out warts. 3m, DuPont, and Bayer are all hedious businesses…so treating a wart with "just tape" still deserves some consideration.

  7. I happen to have a wart on my, um, "male duct" shall we call it.

    I may try the duct tape in preference to the freezing solution ?

  8. This is the last in a 3-video series. If you’re like: duct tape? Warts? What?! Be sure to check out the first two: Duct Tape and Wart Removal and Which Type of Duct Tape Is Best for Wart Removal?

  9. Hilarious. I think the lesson from this video is researchers are prone to bias the bullshit hypothesis when they are testing something other than a drug their employer makes.

  10. Should the duck tape be replaced everyday? And is there any amount of time I should leave it off in a 24 hour period?

  11. I am so grateful we have someone to chew through all of these studies for us. Thank you!

    And congratulations for the onward success of your book!

  12. We used banana peel on my 8 year old granddaughter…she had a big wart on the side of her her foot by her little toe. (The doctor had tried to burn it off but it came back.) We used a fresh banana peel, skin side out, and tied it on with fabric. The only time she couldn’t use it was when she went to school as it wouldn’t fit in her shoe. However, when she was at home we kept the peel on. Within a week or so the wart was gone (over that time it blackened and shrunk) and it never came back. Sounds crazy but it’s true!

  13. I made the following comment on the previous one about duct tape. I can't help but pass it along to anyone who may suffer from a plantar's wart:
    The Flat Out Best Cure For Plantar's Wart: I had a dime sized plantar's wart on the ball of my foot for 25 years. I tried Compound W and other types numerous times. Worthless. I tried the OTC freezing ones, also worthless. I tried drilling it out…yes I did. Worthless too and painful. I tried the duct tape method the most. One time I left it on for 2 months. It didn't help. Within days of taking of the duct tape, the wart was as bad as ever. FINALLY, last year I got my concentrated wheel acid cleaner that I use on my rims. Applied it to a cotton ball and simply wiped it on and let it dry. Within a month…THE WHOLE THING WAS GONE! It didn't hurt…other than a slight sting when applying. And, it hasn't returned. Forget the duct tape and freezing and go get some wheel acid cleaner, don't dilute it and apply. Then see what happens. Also worked on warts that my kids got on their hands. Simple, cheap and fast. When I told my podiatrist–he was was blown away.

  14. I seldom comment on videos and with out even watching this video I am going to say you jumped the shark on this one

  15. At the end, the study mentioned super glue with the duct tape. How and where would the super glue be applied?

  16. Duct tape on my small plantar wart led to three years where it grew and eventually had to go through four years of cryotherapy. Didn't work for me.

  17. really…this duct tape series is such a waste…it should have remained an article on the website….one video tops…#nutrition

  18. I'm assuming that the duct tape effectiveness is for adults also. How often do you need to change the duct tape?

  19. I’m actually a chemist at a tape company, and I can think of at least three major differences between clear and standard duct tape. One was mentioned in the video, acrylic polymer vs natural rubber. A second is that standard duct tape is “filled” with inert compounds like calcium carbonate and clay, which might have a drying effect on warts. Third, natural rubber isn’t, by itself, tacky. For a rubber-based adhesive to stick, it needs resin. This resin may be extracted from pine trees – perhaps something in tree rosin or turpentine could be effective in treating warts? A clear acrylic adhesive would not contain fillers (it wouldn’t be clear if it did) and acrylic adhesives are naturally sticky and don’t needed resins added to them. Whoever designed the double-blind studies should have done a little research on duct tape first ?

  20. Wouldn't the cyanoacrylate create a barrier against the rubber-based adhesive that proved to be the reason it worked?

  21. Now I am looking at my old warty Bull Terrier and thinking. I won't but it made me think. Careful of skin allergies to duct tape out there

  22. I heard of green tea treatment for warts and tried it; one wort went away and one stayed; that's powered Japanese tea. will try it again since nothing else worked, ie dry ice pump which I applied 4 times by dr. Schultz. why not talk about green tea application on warts?

  23. How do you avoid getting warts in the first place? A wart is related to a virus so how do we avoid it?

  24. Transparent also implies visible light. Do we know light has nothing to do with it? And what is mechanism, chemicals or oxygen deprivation?

  25. Straight tea tree oil worked, for a friend, better than duct tape. They applied it, full-strength, with a q-tip to the planters wart. After 2 doses, the planters wart gradually died, turned black, then after a week or so, and came out. That was it!

  26. I have a wart on my thumb. I've tried the freeze & salicylic products over the counter for over a year. It seems to only work close to the surface, but didn't go away. I'm trying duct tape, because, why the hell not? LOL

  27. Honest to god it work best if you tape a peice of bannanas skin to the wart every night before bed, it's the moisture overload the kills the warts is my best guess seriously have a look about it nutrition facts team 🙂 <3

  28. How about ''gaffers tape''? LoL!
    No really! What is in this rubber adhesive, that would make wart removal a positive result, and pale in comparison to the transdermally introduced carcinogenic cocktail?
    Maybe a study on the long term effects? Then again just query 3 m…

  29. As soon as I heard the phrase, "clear duct tape,"I knew they were headed in the wrong direction. Good on you, Dr. G

  30. How about skin tags? Would duct tape (the silver kind) also work on skin tags? Great Videos by the way… learned so much. Thank You!!!

  31. I had one on my finger as a kid. What helped me was the small part of the liquid that's left in the shell when you crack an egg. I shit you not. You don't even notice this untill someone points it out, but it's a relatively clear residue in the bottom of the shell after the yolk and white are out. I put it on my wart and it dried and fell off in a matter of days!

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