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100 thoughts on “Whisper Challenge: Teen Slang VS. Medical Terms

  1. 11/17/19
    I have a Question I hope you see this and answer …is there any way to help carpel tunnel? I've had it for 8 years now, I'm 32. Started with horrible symptoms of full on numbness from the tip of my fingers to my elbows then it has subsided only to my hands and wrists. Aching,numbness and pain . It doesn't go a way for too long. Please help.

  2. "Bye Felicia" is more of a "bye whom I don't care of right now and don't want to bother with their name whether I know it or not!"
    Lol. It's more like stating rudness and kicking someone out of your "space bubble", lol!

  3. Eyyyy, I thought it wasn’t a well-known disease. I also suffered from Osgood-Schlatter for a year or so… shoutout to all those who had major growth spurts!??‍♂️?

  4. When Lactos intolerance came up I started busting up laughing because my stepsister couldn't say it even when I said syllable by syllable for her. I just couldn't stop laughing it was like my when my cousin couldn't say cinnamon. I just couldn't stop laughing. Also when teenagers where saying Bye Felicia in a restaurant my mom had to make sure they knew where that originated from. I was also busting up laughing over that.

  5. Welcome to my world!! You see how it can be so hard to watch some videos! Especially when the closed captioning spells stuff like gang green (gangrene) ??‍♀️ I have no clue why people who live up north need to talk so fast either ? I have 0 clue how I made it through EMT school by reading lips. Legit y’all it’s hard being deaf! Don’t recommend it ✌?

  6. As someone who works with deaf people this is their reality…. I know it’s a fun light hearted video but… kind of made me cringe…

  7. so what about bi sexual? sensual not sexual. How dangerous is it. Especially when some pretend for it to be sexual. no no. sensual. please.

  8. Spilling tea and throwing shade were terms used by the gay community. Great Documentary to see them used is Paris is burning. No tea no shade ? love your vids!

  9. 5:55, 8:12, 8:20 ?? with all do respect, i just love me some Dr. Mike. If it was me playing…… I would of been so Mesmerized by Dr. Mike’s great looks.

    thank u dr. Mike for educating us. ?????

  10. Daniel: Hair loss
    Mike: That's not a medical term!! starts explaining all sorts of hair loss types
    Okay Mike we get it, you have a medical degree gosh!!

    I am just messing around ofcourse.

  11. When i clicked on this vid I got a ad for this medical school

  12. wait noise canceling headphones i had those in school my councelor had them and cybernova leah ashe and other roblox youtubers spill da tea for royale high yeet

  13. Men who go bald in the front are thinkers.
    Men who go bald on the back of their head are good on bed.
    Men who go bald all over, think that they’re good in bed.

  14. Hey Felicia is from a Friday movie and made a reappearance in pop culture when Straight Outta Compton made its debut in 2015.

  15. I think if I played this game, I would lose hard because I’m Australian. I feel like with my accent, and the way we pronounce words, the person with the headphones would get it every time. Where’s I need subtitles to watch any TV show or movie.

  16. "Where did that start? D'you think it happened with the Kermit thing?" That was the most hetero white cis-male statement ever.

  17. I have osgood-schlatters disease in both my knees and I'm 14 and even the slightest hit on my knee hurts to the point I am tearing up.

  18. LOL! This one is awesome. Had to laugh, I was challenged to play this at a party recently, and although I TRIED to back out of it politely, everyone jumped in and insisted (nicely of course, we’re all canucks after all, lol).

    ?‍♀️ well ok, if you’re gonna insist…long story short, I won.

    I wouldn’t keep the prize though, as they didn’t know that I have had moderate hearing loss most of my life and lip read. ?

  19. I honestly wish I was as intelligent as Dr. Mike, and had his social skills. I’ve been struggling my way through nursing school, but it’s not working out for me. I’m not sure what to do anymore.

  20. Dr. Mike – ok 3rd time
    Dr. mikes nephew- starts to speak
    Dr. Mike- SLOW!!!
    Dr. Mikes nephew- CAR- DIO VAS- CU-LAR disease

    i love these challenges!!!

  21. I had osgood schlatters disease when I was little. I remember basketball suckedddd and I was lactose intolerant ??‍♀️

  22. "Bye Felicia" is from the movie, "Friday" (1995) — that's WAYY before your nephew's time bro. Idk how old you are but it would be like calling something from the Jackson 5 was my generation.

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